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Leaf Plus™ Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Leaf Plus™ Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

Product Review (submitted on July 3, 2012):
Let me first say that the Customer Service I received was exemplary. Also, the instructions for set up were easy to follow (if I can do it anyone can.) My issue was I had no idea how to auto tune my TV - for which they most gallantly provided assistance.

I was worried I wouldn't receive any channels because I too live in the middle of a 3-story apartment complex on the first floor, with units on either side. Urban signals are much more difficult to obtain than long distance signals apparently.

Out of 116 potential channels I receive 32 DTV & 2 TV. I am not able to receive any cable channels. I think the cable companies have done something to purposefully block reception. I live in Tampa Bay and these are the channels I can get: ABC, CBS, WEDU, WUSF, CTN & 4 Infomercials stations.

I receive the same channels any digital converter or new TV would receive (and were my internal TV antennae functional on my LG flat screen, I probably wouldn't need to buy an external one.) I can only receive signals when the Leaf is on the windowsill facing north.

I am keeping the Leaf because over the course of one year it will more than pay for itself in savings on cable bills. But because of my location, I suffer broken signals during storms, every time a car drives by, and when the unit falls off the window (the stickies don't adhere to hot glass very well).

Also, the cable provided is too short so I live with my TV off centered on the entertainment center. I know I can buy a longer cable and maybe I will one day. It just seems like a lot of money for so few channels and I think a long cable should be included for the price. But Downton Abbey is on PBS in 2013 and I am ready.

I'm curious how the RCA at Radio Shack would fare in my complex but it is heavy and clumsy and the Leaf is easy to prop up. It's fallen off the window a few times without affecting functionality so it is very sturdy in its' lightweight design.