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Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2013):
I live in SE Aurora CO about 25-30 miles from the station transmitters.

So, I purchased the Sky directly from Mohu as it was a few bucks cheaper than another popular website, plus it was free shipping. I was going to go with the Leaf or the Ultimate Leaf but a few factors dis-waded me. 1. I didn't want to have the leaf in my living room 2. I live almost directly under high power lines and I didn't know how that would affect things 3. I had an analog antenna already wired into the house up in the attic so to install the Sky would be a cinch.

I installed (and by install I mean it is just hanging in the attic at the moment, I wanted to make sure it would work before I make it permanent.) the Sky in my attic and connected it to the coax that was wired into the house. I connected it to the TV and ran a channel search and it came back with 40 found digital channels. I was insanely more $30 cable bill for local channels!!! So, I get ABC, CBS, NBC, 2 PBS's, FOX, MeTV, Create, several side channels of the major networks, more Christian channels than I expected, some Spanish channels (I'm pretty sure I deleted Telemundo & Univision), and a few more that I can't remember at the moment. All in digital and HD if they were broadcasting in HD.

If the high power lines were affecting the signals I didn't notice, and to top things off I realized after the channel search that I had forgotten to put the power amplifier in line, so all these signals were without the power amp....color me impressed! I'll have to hook up the amp to see if I can pull in any more, but honestly all I care about are the major networks.

I definitely recommend this unit for anyone living in the 60 mile range that the Sky has. Is it pricey?? Perhaps, but in my situation not knowing if the high power lines would be a problem I wasn't to concerned and I'll recoup the cost in 6 months after I cancel my cable. I also wanted to comment on a another post that states their box didn't state it was made in America, mine did have a Made in America label on the box.