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Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Product Review (submitted on March 14, 2013):
As with everyone else who is looking at this page right now, I was looking to cut the cord. We didn't watch much TV, mostly mindless channel surfing. So we signed up for Hulu+ and then I researched broadcast TV. Here's how I pulled it off:

Go to and find out how far you are from the nearest city that broadcasts, we were 40 miles out, since the Leaf Ultimate was 45ish mile range we opted for the Sky to make sure we had enough juice to pick up HD signals clearly.

Next, get the antenna and hook it up. Ours is in our attic, with the 30ft coax cable going down the garage wall to a coax splitter for the house (8 ports). I was concerned with splitting the signal that many ways but it had absolutely no effect on the quality at all.

Once you're all hooked up run an antenna scan for channels from your TV and you should be good to go!

NOTE: One thing I noticed was I couldn't pick up CBS in Chicago (we are northwest suburbs). I found this not to be an antenna issue but with how CBS broadcasts their signal, it is VHF (older technology) vs. UHF (newer). Apparently they are in the process of fixing this but it's been slow to make movement.

That was it. I was honestly shocked at the quality of the signal to my TV, HD looked really fantastic. Obviously you don't get DVR functionality with this, but you could always run something like Media Center in conjunction with this and be set.

All in all this antenna was absolutely worth the money, you won't be sorry. Thanks Mohu for helping us save $100+ a month in cable bills! You have one happy customer here.