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Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2013):
I live in what they call a "deep fringe" area that is 35 miles from the nearest tower and 50+ from most.

I have the sky mounted to a 1" piece of conduit 10' long, strapped to the chimney of a two story house, running off a 100' quad shield coax wire to the basement.
From there it hooks up to the booster that came with the antenna then into a powered splitter, that runs to 6 TV's in the house. Actually only 3 TV's but 6 Lines (some of those lines are 100' each).
All can run independent channels in 1080 HD and all are crystal clear picture.

However like my wife said. You dont have 34 channels. We have 6 channels, each repeated 5 times! Somewhat true as I get CBS for example out of 5 different cities. But depending on the time slot, they are not always the same program.

I am very happy with it and I like the fact that it is so small and light weight that it is easy to install. No guide lines, no hassle.
Cancelling the cable today!