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Jolt Digital TV Antenna Amplifier

Jolt Digital TV Antenna Amplifier

Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2013):
We live outside Denver's "official" broadcast area. When we decided to ditch satellite and go with broadcast TV, we had a hard time getting good reception on most of the channels (and couldn't get some of them at all). When we got a Mohu antenna, it was a total game changer. But we still have a couple of major channels that pixelate under some circumstances, so I was eager to try this Mohu amplifier.

So that we could judge if the amplifier helped or not, we did a channel scan without it and got 27 channels. We also took note that a couple of those pixelated very badly (low-powered stations; the major stations that sometimes pixelate were coming in okay today). Then we installed the Mohu Jolt and ran the channel scan again. This time we got 33 channels. This is clearly an improvement. And the channels that were pixelating now came in clear. Based on just these two points, I can say quite definitively that the Mohu Jolt works.

The Mohu antenna works so extremely well by itself, I don't think there was much room for improvement. So, for us, the Jolt wasn't terribly helpful (the extra stations it pulled in are stations we don't want, anyway). But someone who doesn't have a leaf antenna would probably see a much greater improvement.

I notice that Mohu now also sells a leaf antenna with a built-in amplifier. Since that doesn't cost much more than just this amplifier, if you don't already have a Mohu antenna, that would probably be the way to go.