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ReLeaf® 30 Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna Made With Recycled Materials

ReLeaf® 30 Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna Made With Recycled Materials


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Quick Overview

  • 30-mile range indoor TV antenna

  • Made from recycled materials including 100% recycled plastic from crushed cable boxes

  • World’s first eco-friendly HDTV antenna

  • 10 ft. detachable high-performance coaxial cable included

  • Award-winning design and performance

  • 100% free TV in HD - networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more

  • Multi-directional and reversible: No "pointing" needed

  • Discreet, reversible, and paintable to match your decor or be hidden out of sight

  • Proudly made in USA and based on technology developed for US Military

  • Easy to install – simply plug in, scan for channels, and enjoy free TV

  • One-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee


More than Paper-Thin, Mohu ReLeaf is Made from Paper

Mohu ReLeaf is the world’s first eco-friendly HDTV antenna. This paper-thin flat antenna is made from at least 30% post-consumer recycled paper. The plastic used to make ReLeaf is 100% recycled cable set-top boxes. One ton of recycled cable box plastic can be used to make 80,000 ReLeaf TV antennas. That same one ton of recycled plastic also frees up 30 cubic yards of landfill space and saves 16.3 barrels of oil.


Award-Winning ReLeaf Indoor TV Antenna Delivers Free TV in HD

In its first year, Mohu ReLeaf received multiple awards for its innovative design. But this eco-friendly HDTV antenna is more than just a great story. ReLeaf also packs a powerful punch in terms of delivering high-definition over-the-air broadcasts to your TV. Do good for the environment while still enjoying your favorite TV shows for free - including 94 of the top 100 most-watched programs from networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, Univision, and more.


Top-Quality Performance in Easy to Install Eco-Friendly Design

Mohu ReLeaf includes a high performance 10 ft. detachable coaxial cable, giving users the flexibility to place the antenna higher on a wall or close to a window for optimal reception. ReLeaf indoor HDTV antenna is reversible, with a purposefully selected color palette to match recent popular home paint color trends. Setup is as easy as plugging it in, turning on your TV, and scanning for channels.


Made in USA – Derived from US Military Technology

Mohu ReLeaf is made using the same technology as our flagship Leaf 30 HDTV antenna that was modeled after life-saving technology designed and developed for the US Military to discreetly detect IEDs. Not only is it the most reliable and sophisticated indoor antenna on the market today, it is also proudly made in the USA with many of its components sourced as close to our NC headquarters as possible.


Mohu ReLeaf HDTV Antenna Reviews

“I’ve used this antenna for the past year or so, and even though it’s not amplified, it has outperformed every OTA antenna I’ve tested.” -TIME Magazine


“Kermit was wrong: It's easy being green. Well, at least if you're a cord cutter with the Mohu ReLeaf antenna. It's made of recycled materials and delivers excellent reception, making this our top pick for HDTV antennas.” -Tom’s Guide

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Customer Reviews

Amazing antenna at a greatprice
- Review by: Opie

Just received this and set it up today. Got close to 40 channels and great quality picture. Highly recommend!
Easy to set up and love that it doesn’t need power. (Posted on 9/18/2019)
GREAT antenna
- Review by: Mackie

Bought this antenna cause it was number one in Consumer Reports mag. It is an EXCELLENT antenna! We get 40 over the air digital channels with amazing pictures. Best money for an antenna we ever spent. Comes with everything you need to install. Don't hesitate to buy this. (Posted on 7/16/2018)
Works as Promised if you are Patient
- Review by: AOM

Fast Delivery. Mine was a combo that included the little amplifier. IT IS VERY SENSITIVE TO LOCATION AND TO OTHER CLOSEBY WIRES. Try to keep it away from other wiring or electrical plugs. Even you cell phone and charger closeby will affect reception.

You need to really play around with the location as even a 1 or 2 inch move can affect reception. Your TV probably has a signal strength indicator for each channel. USE IT. I had to work a long time to get my local CBS signal to come in without pixelation. Once I got that working spot-on, all of the other local channels also worked.

It works as Promised if you are Patient (Posted on 5/8/2018)
It works very well, was easy to install and the startup instructions on the website were excellent.
- Review by: My Mo

Ditto above, I.e. an excellent proct experience. (Posted on 4/20/2018)
Works Ok, No Better Than Cheaper Version
- Review by: HeidiW

I thought the upgrade from the smaller Metro version would get me some more channels and easier mounting in the house. Nope. Could have just stuck with my Metro antenna. Wasted my money... (Posted on 12/6/2017)
- Review by: Nibs

Quick delivery. 10 clear channels 13 others not as clear. Just ordered another one. I have innumerable contacts that would buy this product. Please contact me if interested in a wholesale dealer relationship. This product rocks! Nibs (Posted on 8/11/2017)
More than we wished cor...
- Review by: Lower Columbia

We ended up with all major networks plus PBS - our key interest. The cord is cut ... recyclably! (Posted on 5/21/2017)
Mobutu antenna
- Review by: Pooz

This is the third Mohi antenna I have purchased,I have never had any problems.They all work great. (Posted on 2/23/2017)
ReLeaf really works!
- Review by: Bob F

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical of the ReLeaf, but it has exceeded my expectations. As we are just within the 30 mile range of our local channels, I wasn't sure the ReLeaf would work well, but it does.
Only issue was that the round plastic case came apart from the Leaf, but I was able to repair it using slightly longer screws. This looked like cheap construction. However, once easily repaired I had the 16 local channels promised with great pictures.
I can recommend very highly for cutting the cord which saved me over $130/month. GoMohu! (Posted on 10/13/2016)
- Review by: Leinaala

It is so nice to be able to watch TV without paying an astronomical amount of money via cable, satellite, etc. My Mohu works great and am very pleased with this purchase. Thanks Mohu!!! (Posted on 9/12/2016)
- Review by: Brandy

I love my new Mohu. It works so wonderfully well. Very pleased...thank you Mohu!!! (Posted on 9/6/2016)
Best indoor antenna
- Review by: SteveAsh

I have 5 now. I first used it in FL after buying 4 other name brand antennas, none worked. I now get all the channels I need. I will shortly be ridding myself of Satellite TV and have installed 4 Mohu antennas in St Louis. All work perfectly receiving many HD over the air channels. Great product and friendly people.

Thanks Mohu (Posted on 8/14/2016)
This is one of your
- Review by: Lolly

This is one of your best entries yet. Thanks so much for posting these amazing pictures. I've been faeicnatsd with surveying ever since reading "Measuring America." (Posted on 7/18/2016)
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