Mohu® Arc Indoor HDTV Antenna

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Improve your TV viewing experience with the Mohu Arc antenna. Its multidirectional range receives broadcast signals within 40-miles. There is no reason an antenna in your living room shouldn’t be both highly functional and decorative. The Mohu Arc gives a fresh look to indoor antennas while delivering the same great performance as our famous Leaf antennas. Easy to connect to your TV and set up, the Arc allows you to quickly enjoy clear broadcast TV for free.

A Stylish Indoor TV Antenna with Serious Performance

  • Award-winning patented design and performance.
  • Included base stand can be used for placement on a tabletop or use the hang holes to mount on your wall.
  • 100% free HDTV – Networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more, are all broadcast for free over the air.
  • Multi-directional; no aiming necessary.
  • Discreet and paintable to match your décor.
  • Easy to install – Simply connect the antenna, scan for channels, and enjoy free TV.
  • Includes 10 ft. of high-performance coaxial cable with easy-to-use connectors and base stand.

Range: 40-Miles

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  • Availability:

    Usually ships within 24 hours.

  • Minimum Purchase:

    1 unit

  • Range:


  • Location:


  • Style:


  • Frequency:

    UHF / VHF

  • Assembled Dimensions:

    8.5"H x 11.75"W x 2.5"D

  • Weight:

    14 oz.

  • Color:


  • Includes:

    10 ft. high-performance coaxial cable and base stand

  • Warranty:

    One-year on parts and labor

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  • 5
    Antenna works very well and looks good

    Posted by soytigre on Apr 14th 2020

    We are getting about fifteen TV stations for free, with good clear reception. It was very easy to install and easy to program. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    Good reception with an amplifier

    Posted by Naomi Bond on Apr 14th 2020

    Only purchase this antenna if you are planning to add an amplifier. Without an amplifier, I get the same receptions as I did with a $15 amplified antenna from target. with the amplifier I added about 10 stations. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    Nice product

    Posted by sandeep rai on Apr 14th 2020

    I am satisfied with the Mohu Curve. It needs a little adjustment and moving around to figure out the optimal position for maximum channel reception. The channel clarity is excellent and i especially love the HD channels. It has really helped me to watch quality TV channels while getting rid of the ridiculously high cable tv bills. Thank you! (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Coverley on Apr 14th 2020

    I live in NYC in a loft 86 ft long on the 3rd Floor and have the Mohu antenna on one end with one TV and have coaxial running to the other end connected to 2 more TVs with a motorola signal booster (which to tell you the truth may not make much of a difference). So using a single Mohu Curve for 3 TVs 86 feet apart. I am getting more channels than I got from basic cable. Not noticing much attenuation from one end to the other, either. COULDN'T BE MORE SATISFIED!!!. If you live out in the country or far away from major metropolitan area nothing beats a roof antenna or one set up in your attic, thought. Also MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PROPER SETTING ON YOUR TV WHEN SCANNING FOR CHANNELS...IF YOU SET INPUT AS CABLE AND NOT AIR, YOUR TV WILL FIND NO CHANNELS WITH THIS (OR ANY OTHER ANTENNA FOR THAT MATTER). I am suspecting that is why some gave poor reviews and claimed this thing didn't work. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    Great signal strength, love this.

    Posted by Michael R Bitsch on Apr 14th 2020

    I have an older Mohu Leaf, and was very impressed with its performance. We ended up putting it up in the attic (tried several large antennas designed for outdoor/attic use, all underperformed the Mohu Leaf). Picked this up for are small TV that gets moved around the house, and this does even better than the old Leaf. Solid performer. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    Mohu Curve 30

    Posted by Carolyn on Apr 14th 2020

    Wonderful product Easy to install.Antenna placed by the window sill,i can receive 60 channels . You save money.Say goodbye to cable TV. Will recommend the Mohu Curve 30. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    A Great Alternative to Basic Cable

    Posted by Grandie on Apr 14th 2020

    This is an awesome product! We used it on a TV that was difficult to run a cable to and were able to pick up around 40 channels, including all the major networks. If you go to Mohu's website, you can put in your zip code and they will tell you which channels the Antenna will pick up. They also make amplified versions that extend the range of the antenna, which may be helpful if you live in the suburbs. We had purchased the standard Mohu first, but returned it because you had to pin the antenna to a wall. The curve, on the other hand, comes with a stand that you can just put on a shelf (and it looks pretty cool). P.S. I believe that this will not work with older TVs unless you connect to a converter box (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    This is a fabulous product!

    Posted by Cheryl on Apr 14th 2020

    I've refused to pay the outrageous prices cable companies are charging for TV, and I'm glad I held out. After reading one of the (now many) articles about alternatives to paying for cable, I found a recommendation for the Mohu Curve 30. Ordered it on Friday, got it Monday, installed it in 7 minutes (without any tools, following the incredibly easy instructions) and I now have 12 channels (major networks and PBS), which are plenty for me. Can't say enough good things about this antenna -- for a one-shot cost of $50 it is a real bargain. (Posted on 5/20/2014)

  • 5
    Yes it works!

    Posted by Masterbrewer on Apr 14th 2020

    First off, installation. I have the curve non amplified model. It sits on a shelf approximately 8' high. It is about 10' from any windows and I am using the supplied coax cable. This replaced a new outside traditional antenna I returned due to performance issues. After setup I did a scan and everything was perfect. It picked up stations my outdoor, more expensive antenna did not. My distance from transmitting stations is from 4 to 20 miles spread out in all directions. This antenna picked them all up without a problem. It is truly an omnidirectional antenna. My search for perfect free TV has ended. (Posted on 10/29/2014)