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Curve 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna

Curve® 50 Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna


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Quick Overview

  • 50-mile range amplified indoor HDTV antenna

  • Antenna amplifier with CleanPeak™ RF filter technology: most sophisticated amplifier on the market that removes unwanted RF signals and boosts the ones you want

  • 16 ft. detachable high-performance coaxial cable included

  • Award-winning design and performance

  • 100% free TV in HD - networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more

  • Multi-directional and reversible: No "pointing" needed

  • Sleek, elegant design – makes a statement on a shelf, TV cabinet, or other flat surface

  • Based on technology developed for US Military

  • Easy to install – simply plug in, scan for channels, and enjoy free TV

  • One-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee


Best Amplified Indoor TV Antenna for Design-Conscious Cord Cutters

Mohu Curve 50 completely transforms the typical indoor HDTV antenna by bringing a fresh look while delivering the same great top performance as our famous Leaf antennas. You shouldn’t have to hide your TV antenna in shame. That’s why we designed Curve 50 to be both functional and beautiful – so you can proudly showcase your antenna in your living room. Setup is as easy as plugging it in, turning on your TV, and scanning for channels.


Watch Free TV in HD - Local News, Live Sports, Top Shows

Did you know that 94 of the 100 most-watched TV shows and events are available for free over the air? With Mohu Curve 50, you can enjoy free channels available in your area from networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision and more all without paying any monthly fees. From The Big Bang Theory to Sunday NFL games and even 24/7 dedicated children's programming on PBS Kids, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with your TV antenna.


Flexible, Amplified Performance in a Beautiful Design

Curve 50 includes a high performance 16 ft. detachable coaxial cable, giving you the flexibility to place the antenna higher on a shelf or close to a window for optimal reception.


Mohu Curve 50 Antenna Reviews

“Looks great, performs even better” -Tom’s Guide


What everyday cord-cutters are saying: Curve 50 Reviews


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Customer Reviews

Highly Pleased!
- Review by: Jack

Great product. Not only did it improve the reception on our 55" Samsung HDTV, it also greatly improved our FM reception on our stereo receiver (using a splitter). It looks great and I'm ordering a second one after I finish writing this review. (Posted on 10/22/2019)
I'm a HUGE Bears fan
- Review by: Viktor

I'm a HUGE Bears fan and living here in Chicago I can get aorund 32 channels on my Curve . The thing that most amazed me was the quality of the digital signal. The games look absolutely fantastic, much clearer than on cable.I'm only about 10 miles from our broadcast towers and originally I had installed a pre-amp on the antenna as I thought my cable run was long enough to require one. I actually overloaded my signal and was fine once I took that back out of the loop.Haven't cancelled the cable bill quite yet but I definitely switch back to the antenna when the Bears are on (Posted on 7/10/2014)
No Dipole for VHF but great for UHF
- Review by: EdK

I bought 3 antennas from Amazon and they are all reviewed here. For two of these antennas, the problem was that both ABC and CBS [channels 7 (WJLA) and 9 (WUSA)] in my area, and I suspect many other areas as well, have moved back to High-band VHF was received intermittently if at all. In all cases, I was 30 miles from the TV stations and set the antenna on top of an 8 foot high Tall Boy facing the direction indicated by Luckily, that direction faced towards an outside wall of my home.

The first antenna was the Mohu Curve 50 Designer HDTV Antenna. This small antenna actually worked well for all UHF stations and in general I would pick up about 40 stations including the two VHF channels as well. However, I had problems with VHF channels 7 and 9. I then purchased the Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier from Amazon and installed it to see if it helped pick up VHF channels 7 and 9. I then picked up about 43 channels including the two VHF channels. This was due to the LNA or Low Noise Amplifier which set the Noise Figure (NF) for my new Sony TV at about 2 dB. The problem was that VHF channels for ABC and CBS (Channels 7 and 9 in the Washington, D.C. area) would still fade in and out and never be reliable enough to record using Viewtv or (both of which I purchased at Amazon). The remaining channels were very reliable since they were all UHF channels. I find it amazing this antenna actually worked so well for its rather small size.

The next antenna was the Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream 2-V Long Range UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna with 20-Inch Mount also purchased from Amazon. The was a larger antenna that actually used a VHF Dipole as well as a UHF antenna to supposedly pick up the UHF channels as well as the VHF channels via the dipole augmentation. Of course there was only one dipole with the length matched to the high-VHF band. I was hoping this “rabbit ear” augmentation would be enough. But, no such luck. Not only did I have the same problem as the Mohu, but now via fading in and out, I was losing some UHF channels as well.

Luckily, Amazon accepted this antenna as a return for my current antenna, the “Winegard Free Vision FV-30BB HDTV Antenna”. This is an older design antenna which has at least three dipoles for VHF channels giving it a larger effective aperture. I am now pulling in channels not only from Washington, D.C. reliably (including 7 and 9), but also some from Baltimore, MD. I actually received 54 channels, many of which I simply disabled since they were either Baltimore repeats of D.C. Channels or others I was not interested in. I am completely amazed. This just goes to show that newer designs are not necessarily better designs.

This antenna (along with the single tuner version of Simple.TV and Viewtv) has allowed me to completely cut the cord. My additional purchases of two Roku 3’s allow me to put Simple.TV live or recorded video on any HDTV and this version (only this version) of Simple.TV has a no cost free guide that allows me to select just “New” recordings if I want. I can also watch TV on any popular phone or pad device via the internet at any location with free Wi-Fi. I will review these other devices separately later. Suffice it to say, I am now finally extremely happy – no more Direct-TV or Comcast Cable or ….! (Posted on 5/20/2014)
Easy Peasy...
- Review by: Chris Callahan

Hooked up to the TV in less than 5 minutes. Set the TV to "antenna," initiated the "channel scan" feature and was watching antenna TV in less than 10 minutes, total.

Easy to install, clear instructions, works as advertised. Also, much better looking than rabbit ears!!! (Posted on 5/20/2014)
Wonderful Product
- Review by: Terri Patino

I rated this a 4 star only because from time to time there was intermittent connection and once placed on the wall, you just need to wait it out. However, I LOVE that there is ample cable length provided with the antenna and the USB accessories are excellent. I would recommend this product to my friends who only watch the major broadcast stations like me and have them save the money to pay a provider. I have a plasma TV and the images are stunning. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
easy to use
- Review by: Ter

it dose work great picture good hd fine it matters were you live on what you can pick up easy set up fast shipper and no problems better then a cable bill I don't watch a lot of tv so perfect what I pick up (Posted on 5/20/2014)
Works as advertised
- Review by: Evan Waitman

Easy to setup and I was able to receive all the channels within a 50 mile radius. It is much better looking than the old rabbit ears. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
- Review by: Wanye

I live in an area where it is difficult to even get decent internet speed (lots of hills and mountains to get over plus I have adobe walls). Tired of the bundling rip-off packages I decided to stream everything anyway. Missed my PBS station so I bought 2 of these antennas and they work perfectly in all areas of my house. Look good, work great. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
mohu curve 50 outstanding
- Review by: jwjones

replaced my two year old Terk amplified antenna with the curve 50, live in Carlsbad CA, but in the hills and receive none of the close by San Diego stations except Fox, the curve picked up 90 stations in one position, weed out the foreign language, shopping and religion channels leave me with 36 channels that I watch, the stations that the Terk used to get are now sharper images, and twelve more channels than the Terk got even with repositioning, what is really amazing is that these channels are mostly L.A based and range between 50 and 65 miles to the transmitters, nice to have a product made in the U. S. and it delivers performance beyond its claims. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
- Review by: Ash

Plug and play, no tech experience needed. Instructions supper easy to follow. Excellent reception and it functions as stated. I recommend this product. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
MOHU Curve 50
- Review by: John G Roberts

Great stuff. Do not expect miracle channels to pop up. You get the basic OTA Channels. I have tried it in the North Bay of San Francisco, where you get ABC, NBC, CBS, and even FOX plus a few randoms. Also, in Mobile, Alabama, you get the first 3 minus FOX...

It is crystal clear HD picture though, and I will have the ability to watch major events whenever I want to.

I received an APPLE TV for Christmas and it has been wonderful. So now I have Netflix, my Curve, and maybe someone's email and password to access HBO app, ESPN app, etc. Cutting the cord is not perfect, but saving $70 a month and about 700 a year is not terrible. When I am home now I watch more programming than I ever did. Plus I am motivated to do more work from home and read more.

Give it a shot, it feels pretty good to call the cable provider and tell them you are done with the cable portion of your bill. The company I go through charges around $50 for the best internet possible. For about two weeks straight after my call they tried pitching me via phone, mail, and email to sign back up for 6 months free and a bunch of other deals. Don't eat the apple! The future is wireless. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
- Review by: Works fantastically for us in the midst of Manhatt

I am thrilled with the Mohu Curve 50! For the first time, we are getting TV channels over the air! We've been living on the ground floor of a 6 story brick building for many years, and we are at the back of the building, facing towards an interior courtyard in the middle of the block, amidst many tall buildings (upper West Side, NYC). Consequently we never could receive any channels at all -- I mean, zilch, despite the fact that we're in the middle of NYC and channels were broadcasting all around us. We thought this was just an immutable fact of life. We are not heavy TV viewers, but we had to have basic cable (not any premium or scrambled channels) in order to see anything at all. However, recently I decided to see if newer antenna technology would help, and did a search for "best indoor digital TV antenna for New York City" which led me to some reviews and a couple of promising antennas to try. With trepidation, we ordered a Mohu Curve 50. Setup was super easy, the antenna is attractive, but best of all, it brings in almost all the broadcast channels available in this area -- beautifully -- on our small HDTV. We're now receiving: NBC, FOX, ABC, WOR, PBS (both 13 and NJTV), CUNY-TV, ION, QUBO, NYC-TV and a host of Chinese, Korean and Spanish stations, where before we got none. (For some unknown reason, though, we're not getting CBS, nor WLIW.) But WOW - we're watching the Olympics, NOVA & Masterpiece Theatre on PBS, and just about everything else we could want to see -- and they look great! I am so happy with this antenna! (Posted on 5/20/2014)
Best antenna yet!
- Review by: Andrew Stuart

This product is fantastic. I had been using the original Mohu Leaf. It worked very well, but I wanted to upgrade to an amplified antenna. I decided on the Mohu Curve 50 over the Leaf Ultimate because of the look. The Curve works perfectly. I plugged in the antenna, did a channel scan, and 3 minutes later was watching free TV. It picks up every channel perfectly. Worth every penny. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for the best antenna made. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
It lives up to the 50 mile specification
- Review by: Jeremiah

I bought this based on specifications of it being able to get signals up to 50 miles out. When I received it, it was a lot smaller and a lot lighter than I expected. It is so light, the cable cord can move it easily. I wish they had made the stand out of something other than light plastic to help hold it in place, but oh well. As previously stated, I was initially concerned that this small thing would not pick up signals any better than a non-amplified unit. However, I was dead wrong and first impressions are not always accurate.

I hooked it up and my tv scanned for my local channels. Most of the towers in my area are located between 10 and 32 miles away, although one is located 52 miles out. It gets all the channels in their full high-definition glory with no break up, however the station that is 52 miles away breaks up so badly that it is unwatchable. Therefore, their 50 mile claim seems to be spot-on, and I live in NC where there are lots of hills, trees, and other obstructions.

Let's be honest, this is one pricey indoor antenna. I initially was going to stay under $60 and get the Amazon Basics amplified antenna, but it was out of stock. I couldn't afford to wait and I needed to get one quickly since I am kicking my high-priced cable company to the curb. The performance on this unit is great, but since it has a designer/modern look, I can't help believe there is an "Apple tax" on it just because of its sleekness, although you really can't blame a company for charging a premium on a great performing product. Even with the premium price, I still give it 5 stars on its performance. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
moho-brooklyn ny
- Review by: andrew

i have owned ever version of the mohu indoor antenna. If you have the previous amplified antenna and you receive all channels, then i don't recommend getting the curve 50 as the quality is the same. When i had the previous amplified version, i couldn't get a strong signals on a couple of channels, specially if the weather is raining/snowing. Now, i get all channels clearly w/ the curve 50 even with bad weather. Unfortunately, i still need to move the curve 50 antenna around (best position is to point the antenna towards the window), and place mine right by the window sill to get all channels. The curve 50 is a bit heavier than previous models so you can't stick it on the wall. (Posted on 5/19/2014)
Fantastic antenna
- Review by: Andrew

This is my second Mohu antenna. I started with the original Leaf ( the one that looked like it was just a laminated piece of paper) and it worked fantastic. I was getting frustrated at finding that perfect spot, until you changed the channel. Then you find another perfect spot, except now the other channel didn't come in. I really wanted to use an amplified antenna in order to remedy this problem. The Curve 50 fit the bill. I set the antenna in one spot, scanned, and all of the channels come in perfect. No more of that one channel not comin while the rest do....blah. Thanks Mohu for making a great product and saving me some serious cash! (Posted on 5/19/2014)
Great alternative to cable
- Review by: Alli

Stop looking for other antennas... This is the one. First off, the Curve looks great sitting on my shelf at home and it picks up all my major network shows. I did a TV scan on the website and with a little moving around I was able to pick up CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. For someone trying to get rid of cable this is the antenna was right for me and my family. And my husband loves the clear picture while watching his football games and I love the low impact on our budget! Thank you Curve! (Posted on 5/19/2014)
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