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Mohu Channels® Has Been Discontinued

This product has been discontinued. FAQs and product information can be found below.


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Q: How do I pair my remote?
A: Your Channels remote should come pre-paired with your device. If your remote is not paired, follow these instructions. Open the battery compartment cover where two keys are revealed, [PAIR] and [LEARN]. Insert AAA batteries into the compartment. The backlight stays on for five seconds, indicating batteries are good for use and device is activated. Press and hold [PAIR], until backlight flashes three times to represent remote is paired with your Channels device. Backlight is turned on every time [PAIR] is pressed, but it will not flash until a matching device is found. When [PAIR] is released, backlight is off. After remote is paired with your Channels device, the user should be able to move on-screen cursor to the "ok" button to continue.

Q: How do I train my remote IR keys (power, volume +/-, mute)?
A: On the Mohu remote, four keys need to be trained, [POWER], [VOL+], [VOL-] and [MUTE]. Place the transmitting tube of the Mohu remote head to head with the TV remote, and make sure the distance is less than 2" and the TV remote has functioning batteries. Press [POWER] on your TV remote. The backlight on your Mohu remote flashes once which represents it is receiving [POWER] IR signals. If the backlight does not blink, no signal is received. Press [POWER] on your Mohu remote for more than three seconds, then release. If the backlight toggles twice, [POWER] is properly trained. If [POWER] is released within THREE seconds, or signal received is invalid, backlight stays ON solid. Repeat the same two processes until the rest of the three keys are trained. At any time you can press and hold the [LEARN] key for three seconds to enter or exit training mode. Your Mohu remote only saves the IR signal received last. There is no erase key function on the Mohu remote. The user can always go through the above processes to overwrite one of FOUR keys.

Q: Where should I put my Channels device?
A: We have designed the Mohu Channels to hang down from the back of your TV, but you are welcome to place the device flat on a table or shelf. Make sure that the side with the ventilation holes is not covered.

Q: Can I connect a TiVo to record output?
A: Currently there is no way to connect TiVo to the Channels device to record output. A beta version of Timeshift has been implemented to store up to 30 minutes of recorded television, allowing you to rewind and fast forward through a show.

Q: What does the �schedule' option in the guide do?
A: When you click on a show in the Channel Guide, click 'schedule' to set up a reminder function. A clock symbol will be placed next to the name of the show and prompt you at the scheduled time to watch the selected show.

Q: How do I pull down the Channel Info banner while watching a TV channel?
A: Press the enter/return key on the remote to drop down the Channel Info banner which consists of the program name, number, time, and a brief description.

Q: How do I put my Channels device to sleep?
A: Press alt + enter/return key to put the Channels device to sleep. To wake up your device, press the guide key. This may take a few seconds and may require you to press the guide key a few times.

Q: What is the difference between the select and enter keys?
A: The select key will select anything the cursor is hovering over. The enter key will select anything with a highlighted yellow box around it (eg. when you use the navigation arrows). It will also act as a normal enter key on a keyboard. More technical explanation: The air mouse and keyboard are seen by Android as two separate devices, a USB mouse and a USB keyboard. Since they are technically two different devices they have their own select keys. The SEL key is a left mouse click, and the enter key is the same as a keyboard's enter key.

Q: I'm having trouble using the cursor. What should I do?
A: A mouse speed adjustment setting under Settings>Remote Control will allow you to adjust the mouse speed according to your personal preference. Keep in mind the device translates the speed at which you move the remote into cursor movement, not distance traveled. If you move the remote faster the cursor will move a greater distance.

Q: How can I watch Netflix?
A: You can watch Netflix by following these steps.

1. Select the "+" (Plus) button in the top right corner of the guide.
2. Select App then on the next screen select Google Play.
3. Sign in to Google Play if you have not before.
4. Select the search icon in the top right corner.
5. Enter "Netflix" then press enter.
6. Select the Install button.
7. The app should now show up in the Channel Guide.

Q: How do I navigate in Netflix?
A: You can use the up and down arrows on the remote to scroll the page up and down. To scroll left and right you must use the air mouse as the interface was designed for touchscreen devices. With the cursor over a video icon, hold the select button on the remote and move the remote left or right.

Q: How do I edit my Channel Lineup?
A: You can remove web and application channels from your Guide by going to the green icon in the top right with three horizontal bars. This is the Edit Channels page icon. Here you can remove, arrange, and add channels to and from your Guide. Use the arrows on the top and bottom to navigate the list. Find the channel (web, application, or OTA) and click the X icon on the right of the channel. This will remove it from your Guide. You should then see it appear on the right side of the page. Once you are done editing your page you can click the 'Save' button at the bottom of your page. You should see a black toast message pop up at the bottom of the screen saying that the save was successful. You can then return to your guide and see that the Channels you removed are no longer present in your lineup.

Q: Why is the image on the screen cut off or not filling the whole screen?
A: This happens on a TV to TV basis and is from different manufacturers. Sometimes this can be changed in the settings of the TV. There is also a screen size adjustment setting found in the Settings>Audio/Video of Mohu Channels which will allow you to adjust your picture.

Q: Why do I get less OTA channels on my Mohu Channels device compared to my TV?
A: Try repositioning your antenna to optimize your antenna scan. Do multiple scans on your Channels device. If you are receiving significantly less channels than your TV, return your Channels device to Mohu.

Q: My HDMI port isn't working. What should I do?
A: Your device may be treated as a DOA. Contact Customer Support at 1.855.446.6648 to have a Mohu representative walk you through troubleshooting.

Q: Why can't I sign into Google Play while using an Ethernet connection?
A: This is a problem with Android being designed as a mobile platform. The initial login process only looks for a wireless connection as Ethernet is not native to the Android platform. You need to connect to Wi-Fi initially in order to sign in to Google Play.

Q: The device is running really hot. Should I be worried?
A: The device can run fairly hot after usage and this is normal. Activate the sleep state (alt + enter key) to reduce device activity while it is not being used.

Q: Can I watch Amazon Prime Instant Video?
A: While Amazon does not make an Amazon Prime Instant Video app, you can watch content on Amazon Prime through their website. Follow these steps to enable Amazon Prime Instant Video on Mohu Channels.

1. Open the web browser (via another web channel, Google, add web channel, etc.)
2. Navigate to
3. Login to your Amazon Prime account.
4. Go to the Instant Video page (under the Your Prime button by login)
5. Then click Settings. It is a really light gray button just below the Login button next to the search bar.
6. Once in Settings, go down until you see Web Player Preferences. This is where you can change from Silverlight to Flash Player.
7. Select Flash Player.
8. You should see 'Your preferred web player has been updated.' in green text below Flash Player.

Q: How do I use Timeshifting?
A: Plug in a USB storage device to use the beta version of the Timeshift feature. While you are watching an OTA channel, press the play/pause key to activate timeshifting. Your timeshift keys are located at the top left of your remote control. Once you hit play it will start recording. Use the play/pause, rewind, and fast forward keys on the keyboard or screen to timeshift within your show. Pressing the rewind or fast forward keys multiple times will increase the speed of timeshifting. 'Go live' will play the show where it is currently playing live and erase previously recorded video. Navigating away from the channel will also erase. The red line on the time bar indicates your position. The light gray bar tells you how far you can fast forward, and the green bar indicates how far you can rewind.

Q: Does Mohu Channels support USB devices such as hubs, input devices, and flash drives?
A: Channels should work with almost any USB device that you attach to it. You can even attach a USB hub to get even more USB ports to use more devices. You can use a USB mouse and keyboard to control the device. A USB hard drive or flash drive can be used to play media.

Q: Can I use Plex on Mohu Channels?
A: Yes you can with an appropriate app to access a Plex server.

Q: How can I access the Amazon App Store?
A: To get the Amazon App Store you must side load the app by downloading it to a flash drive. Then connect the flash drive with file to your Channels device. Select the + button on top right corner of the guide. Select App. Select External. Finally select the file for Amazon App store and install. Here is link to download the app: gp/mas/get-appstore/android

Q: How do I fully reset my device, including Google account info? A: Click on the reset button in Settings to fully reset your Channels device to factory settings.

Q: What is Mohu One?
A: Mohu One is a channel of free quality content on the web. Click on the Mohu One logo located in the Channel Guide to open up the web page. Browse the categories by clicking on the tabs on the left of the screen (eg. Music, Kids, Sports, etc.). Under each category, sections of individual playlists are available with content you can access. To browse through playlists in a section, click on the left and right arrows which will appear when you hover over a section. Click on a playlist to open up the video player. Here you will see all the videos in the selected playlist. Select a video from the playlist menu to begin watching your program. Videos will then play sequentially- there's no need to select the next video in your program. Click anywhere on the screen to pause the video. You may also use the space bar to quickly pause or play your video. To go back to the home screen, click on the back button, located to the left of the playlist bar. Soon you will be able to add your favorite sections of content into your Channel Guide (feature in the works). You can also watch Mohu One on the web at


Product Information


Create your own TV Channel Guide as a mash-up of streaming apps, websites & broadcast TV with Mohu Channels.

If you’re like most people, you watch television from lots of different sources: Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast TV and streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu+, YouTube and Crackle. The problem is you’re constantly having to switch from input source to input source. All of your TV sources are disjointed and scattered everywhere. It’s hard to navigate, incredibly messy and unnecessarily complicated. We’ve set out to make this new era of TV viewing significantly easier. Now you can watch all of those video sources, plus the Web, all combined together in an incredibly easy-to-use personalized channel guide. With Mohu Channels, anyone can create their own channel guide with just the channels, streaming video apps and websites that they like best.

Be Set Free from Cable Bills!

Nielsen’s TV rating service found that 96 of the top 100 most viewed programs are available Over-The-Air (OTA) for free with an HDTV antenna. With cable rates skyrocketing, five million households will “cut the cord” this year. With the help of an HDTV antenna, Mohu Channels will scan for all available OTA channels in your area, showing you the actual strength of each channel, and will automatically place them into your Mohu Channel Guide. You can decide which ones to keep and in what order you’d prefer. Now you have access to all the local and national TV network programming available in your area - for FREE! No more cable or satellite bills!

What About the Web?

With Mohu Channels, we consider a web site just like any other channel. Want to make Facebook, Wikipedia, Expedia or Google a channel? No problem. Simply type in your favorite web sites and bookmark each as a channel.

The Ultimate Remote Control for Internet Video

Mohu Channels comes with an innovative remote control. Hold it in two hands and experience its motion control air mouse for moving the cursor on your TV screen. If you've ever used an on-screen keyboard, you know how hard it is to move the cursor between letters. The first time you search Netflix for a movie or type into your Facebook page with the fully backlit QWERTY keyboard on the Mohu Channels Remote, you'll never want to go back! It also controls your TV so you only need to use one remote.

Smarter Than a Smart TV!

If you've shopped for Smart TVs, you know how expensive they can be. Mohu Channels turns any HDTV into an even Smarter TV, and lets you choose from a wider variety of programming than any Smart TV on the market.

No Smart TV lets you do all of this:

  • Combine all your favorite programming on a single source
  • Arrange your channels in any order: Kids channels. Sports stations. Streaming movies. Web sites for photos, stocks or weather. Local TV stations. You decide.
  • Use a real keyboard or smart device to type in movie names, web addresses, email or any other text. No more on-screen keyboards!


How Mohu Channels Works

It’s easy: The Mohu Channels Tuner sits discreetly behind your HDTV or your entertainment center. Connect the Mohu Channels device directly to a coax cable leading to an antenna. (If you don’t have an antenna, choose either our award-winning Leaf 30 indoor HDTV antenna for 30-mile reception or our amplified Leaf 50 HDTV antenna for 50 mile-reception.) Then, Mohu Channels uses WiFi or a direct Ethernet connection to link to the internet for your web and streaming content. It also has an HDMI output that plugs into any HDTV with an HDMI port. Then power up and take your TV viewing experience to an exciting new level! Everything together in one place!

From left to right: Mohu Leaf 30 Antenna, Mohu Channels Tuner, and Your TV!

Next comes the really fun part: customizing your very own Personal TV Channel Guide. Are you a movie fan? Put Netflix and Crackle on top. Also like prime-time shows? Put CBS and NBC next. Add your favorite television apps from the Google Play store - the exact same Android apps you use on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Please note: you'll need to choose an appropriate Mohu antenna if you don't already have one! Use our TV for Free Tool at the top of the page to find the perfect antenna for you!

IMPORTANT: Mohu Channels has been discontinued and is no longer under warranty! Some third party retailers may still sell Channels units, but they are not covered by any Mohu warranty. Please contact the reseller if you have any questions.

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  • Address: 2720 Discovery Drive,
    Raleigh, N.C. 27616
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