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  • Amplified with Clean Peak™ filter technology: most sophisticated amplifier on the market that removes unwanted RF signals and boosts the ones you want
  • From the makers of the best-selling Leaf Antenna
  • Modeled after a discrete mud flap antenna designed for the U.S. Military
  • Most reliable and innovative antenna on the market today
  • Reversible and paintable to match décor
  • Easy to install
  • Original amplified paper-thin antenna
  • 16 ft high performance cable included
  • Multi-directional: No "pointing" needed
  • 50 mile range
  • 1 year part and labor warranty

 Leaf Ultimate Indoor Antenna 2

Step aside, rabbit ears! Make way for the all-new Leaf 50™, the most powerful indoor antenna yet. The Leaf 50™ indoor HDTV antenna features the same incredible design as the classic Leaf® antenna, but now includes a revolutionary digital HDTV amplifier with a low noise figure and one-of-a-kind RF filtering. What exactly does this mean in terms of performance? It means that the Leaf Ultimate indoor antenna is optimized specifically for TV stations, filtering any additional RF signals that can hinder picture quality. The result? A top-performing indoor antenna that will allow you to receive the top 20 shows for FREE in full high 1080p definition.

An astounding amount of study and engineering went into the design of the Leaf 50™ Indoor HDTV antenna. It wasn't until one of our engineers decided to convert from cable television to over-the-air broadcasting that we realized that there were no high performance indoor antennas on the market. The Leaf 50™ amplified Antenna was designed by experienced antenna engineers who have been designing antennas for the US military for years (see our sister company GreenWave Scientific).
Uses USB powering option, unlike anything else. The Leaf 50™ antenna is powered via a USB port located on the amplifier, which allows you to power the amplifier using an open USB port on the back of your TV. The advantage of doing so is that the amplifier will only draw power when the TV is turned on, eliminating parasitic power consumption when the amplifier isn’t needed. If you do not have an open USB port on the back of your TV, the Leaf 50™ also includes a power cube that will enable you to power the amplifier using any standard AC wall outlet.

9 in. x 11.5 in. x 0.04 in.

16 ft.

75 ohm F connector

Multidirectional reception, no adjustments needed

*Continental U.S. only. UPS Standard shipping rates apply to Canada. Brokerage and duty tax fees will apply.

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Customer Reviews

Pleased with results -
Review by
I live between Baton Rouge & New Orleans, which is an area far from the TV station towers, and when asking about a TV antenna the sales guy said the only way to obtain reception was to use an outdoor antenna. I bought my unit (the Leaf Ultimate) locally for a good price, hooked it up & received all the local major stations.
The reception was very good with a clear crisp picture. I'd recommend this product to others.
Eye opener -
Review by
Took a chance on one of these after reading all the positive reviews. Turns out it out performed my 84 element rooftop antenna. 23 channels with the Leaf vs.18 with the outdoor. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work well out of the box. Move it around and find the sweet spot. It comes with a long length of cable for this purpose....and keep it high on your wall if possible. Digital tv is a funny animal. You WILL get dropouts no matter what kind of antenna you use, but The Leaf minimized it. All in all a very good product. Money well spent.
Leaf Ultimate HD Antenna is a great alternative -
Review by
Cliff in Copperas Cove
I purchased this as an experiment to see if I could cut the cable. Right now I'm paying close to $100 for cable to have a HD/DVR in the living room and a basic cable box in my bedroom. Now I get over 120 channels and none of the premium channels. This was really easy to set up, I just had to remember how to run scan on my TV. I'm testing it out in my bedroom for starters. After trying a couple locations in my bedroom, I pick up 10 clear HD looking channels. After seeing this works, I’m going to returning the cable box for the bedroom for sure but I’m not sure I can give up the direct TV box for my living room just yet. If I was on a tight $$ budget this would be a must. But for my spare rooms this works out great. It will still save me around $20 a month on my cable bill. The only reason for giving it 4 stars is I only get 10 of the 19 channels the website says I should be getting for my area. It does work great and is easy to set up.
It works! -
Review by
Midland, Tx
Easy to hook up... just gotta find the right spot on the right wall..
Do a scan at each antenna location to find the most channels!
Met My Expectations -
Review by
After being disappointed with previous indoor antennas, I looked into the Leaf Ultimate for better reception. I am glad to say that it met my expectations. I managed to receive all the West Palm Beach stations plus a handful of stations from Miami, including some that are not available on Cable or Satellite. I would recommend this product to others seeking better reception.
Best antenna for cutting cable -
Review by
Living in a valley with towers at both ends extending as far away as 50 miles, the Mohu Leaf Ultimate was my choice over the non-amplified versions. Set-up was simple, and after a bit of effort to find just the right placement, I pulled in all the available over-air HD channels in my area! I'm delighted with the way the Mohu Leaf Ultimate works, and thrilled to cut $90 per month off my cable bill by using it. Using the Mohu in combination with streaming services is much more cost effective than cable, and gives me back my options as a consumer. Highly recommend Mohu products!
Wonderful product. Works like magic. -
Review by
I first purchased the original Mohu Leaf and it worked better than I had hoped for. Then I purchased the Mohu Leaf Ultimate antenna and it worked like magic! I live In a western suburb of Chicago and I would recommend Mohu products.
soooooo easy to use -
Review by
I was tired of paying an outrageous amount for basic cable TV service, frequently unreliable. This product works exactly the way they say it does. The hard part was scanning because I had misplaced the TV manual, but determination won out, I got it done! Now, my reception, in Houston,Texas, is beautiful, 24/7. No more CABLE BILLS!
Great Customer Service. Very informative! -
Review by
Bought the Leaf Antenna today. Set up was simple. At first only got 2 stations clearly. Called customer service. The customer service guy was very friendly and informative. He scanned my area in Southern California. He suggested mounting to the window. Now I have 15 channels of digital TV. I will be canceling cable. This is so awesome. This is without the amplifier. I plan on buying an amplifier and seeing what else happens.
Impressive -
Review by
I was totally amazed at the reception quality of my new Leaf. I received many more channels (40) than I anticipated including the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) and I'm thrilled that I'm saving about $180/month.
Awesome! -
Review by
I could not believe the the crystal clarity of the leaf ultimate, i've cut my twc service, as this is superior to me in viewing television. plan on getting another for my bedroom tv.
Review by
Dave FL
I bought the Leaf Ultimate at Sam's Club for $49. I live in Bradenton, FL and receive 27 channels ranging from 20-35 miles away in the Tampa, St. Pete area. Crystal clear reception with no drop-outs. I am VERY PLEASED.
WOW! It really works! -
Review by
I live about 30 miles south of Boston. I was very skeptical about purchasing this product. I have been without cable for a year and I miss football on my big tv. I now get football in FULL HD! I get my local channels, a few other channels like ION and even channels from Providence. It was so simple to install. I highly recommend this to all "cord cutters". Just WOW! Thank you for such a fantastic product.
I am so utterly ecstatic about this product and the performance. -
Review by
I am so utterly ecstatic about The Leaf Ultimate Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna and it's performance. I returned two other antennas today, as neither of them located all of the major broadcast stations whose towers are within 30 miles of my home. I only have Basic Cable from Comcast, but the price keeps rising and just went up again on the current bill. I just want to be able to watch regular network stations and PBS without having to pay to do so. I have been entirely disappointed with other antennas that I have purchased and returned during this past year. This antenna will not go back on return; it's mine; Comcast will no longer be getting my money. I am getting a lot of extra channels, too. I'm so happy that I scared my dogs when I jumped up and down with great enthusiasm. THANK YOU FOR A SUPERIOR PRODUCT THAT WORKS.
All I Can Say Is "IT WORKS! GET IT!" -
Review by
I won't get into technicalities. I like the MOHU Leaf Ultimate because it was easy enough to install - didn't have to go out on roof or anything. Just tacked it to the wall behind my TV, connected the cords and power, did the scan on the TV and IT WORKS. I still have cable for internet access in my home, but the price is lots cheaper without cable TV. There's lots of free movies, concerts and documentaries on YouTube. Netflix is great, too. I have a smart BluRay player along with a smart tv. Your options are endless. You could waste a lot of time watching a lot of stuff. I still like to turn it off and quietly read a good book. It's nice to know it's there when I want it or when company is over.
Antenna can get ABC -
Review by
I live in West Hartford, CT and the previous antennas I tried could not get an ABC station well. This antenna received the signal easily. I was going to install in antenna in my attic. I don't think I need to now. This antenna is great. Can't wait to call Comcast.
It really works! -
Review by
Baby Doll
It took about 5 minutes to assemble it and another 15 minutes to find a spot that gave the strongest signal strength. I was able to all the major national channels once I found a location with the best signal. The picture quality is overall very good. I paid $60 for mine and it is well worth it. It beats paying cable box rentals.
the best antenna -
Review by
Angel L.
I chose this "Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna" because I live in San Jose, CA. HD picture quality is very clear and way better than Comcast. Kudos to Mohu! Ba-bye Comcast! WIll buy one again for our bedroom.
Excellent Product -
Review by
I am ordering my second leaf ultimate. The
first one works perfectly. I am 40 miles SE of Tampa Florida and am getting over 40 channels with great reception. I will be cutting the satellite (Dish) soon.
Outstanding product! -
Review by
I tried 2 other indoor antennas (including one for $70) for my HDTV and was sorely disappointed! Channels kept pixilating while I was watching - that made me scream with frustration - or I could not even get the signal of our local NBC affiliate. I've had The Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna for more than a week now and have had NO problems! All available digital channels and 1 analog channel come in clearly and stay focused. What a great buy! I highly recommend this antenna!
great antenna -
Review by
Hi guys at mohu

thank you so much for this great product.
It performs perfectly in middle village, new York city.Many HD channels can be seen with the Mohu antenna
I finally cut the cable bill and I saving that money towards my daughters tuition fund
Excellent -
Review by
We dumped our cable 9 months ago and have been using Netflix and hulu plus. We were still receiving some stations on cable for free. We decided to try the mohu leaf ultimate. Amazing we get so many channels including abc which cust service thought we would not get. We are so happy with the clarity and channels! I get my favorite metv again. We encouraged our kids to drop cable and they did. Now we know what to get them for Christmas ! Thanks mohu!
Amazing -
Review by
For whatever reason, even though we live in the City of Chicago, we only got 2-3 stations in clearly-on a good day-on our HDTV with the old rabbit ears we'd rolled over from our old TV set. When I plugged in the Leaf, we instantly went from 3 channels to about 40! Clear as cable. It was darn near miraculous. Totally worth the investment. This product delivers!
Love the LEAF -
Review by
We do not watch much TV and I refuse to pay for cable TV. My 25 year old Sony TV finally quit working and we purchased a new HDTV. While the old rabbit ears worked well, they looked awful. I bought an RCA flat antenna and it only had a 25 mile range and we lost one of the major networks. Retuned that one and hooked up the rabbit ears again. I saw the Leaf with a 50 mile range at Walmart and thought I would give it a try. WOW!!! Fabulous. So happy with the LEAF and that it is MADE IN USA!!!!!
It didn't work for me -
Review by
Nice people but the Mohu Ultimate Amplified did not work for me. Was within the radius of where it should work but it didn't work. They should tell people in their instructions and advertisements that it works best in while fastened to the glass of a window. Sent it back and not happy with the original Mohu Leaf that I had purchased previously. Thought this would be better but they both work about the same as a rabbit ear antenna.
cut the chord -
Review by
Picked up 28 channels 2 repeats.All HD comes in crystal clear. I live 30 miles from the broadcast towers. My compliments to MOHU your product does what you claim.To those considering "cutting the cord" you have nothing loose but your monthly cable bill.I get CBS,NBC,ABC 3 different PBS among others.My compliments to MOHU on a well deigned and "competent" product.
Awsome! -
Review by
I had the Ultimate Leaf installed and running within five minutes. I was amazed at how many stations it picked-up and displayed in HDTV. I have cut the "cable cord" for good.

Now Mohu...work on the internet.

Thank You.
Review by
omg!! love love love the mohu leaf ultimate. when I emailed mohu regarding which product I should buy. they did an analysis on where I lived and said based upon the topography (hill and trees) I may not get good reception but I could try it and see. I love the honesty of the company, but boy were they wrong...it a good way lol. I got the leaf ultimate hooked it up and am getting around 17 channels all crisp and clear!! no more cable bills for me!!!
Am going to buy another one -
Review by
Cajun Man
I live on the family farm in southwest Louisiana. The tower that is closest to my residence is about 35 miles away. I taped the leaf to a window pane. I instantly logged in 22 channels. I moved it about 12 inches to the north and that caused it log in 27 channels. I will now take down my antenna outside that rests on a 25 foot tower. It receives only 19 channels. No more worrying about wind and lightning. I cut the coax with Direct T.v. five years ago after the 8th rate increase. I estimate that I have saved slightly more than $3,000.00.
The Mohu Leaf Ultimate works very well. -
Review by
I just cut my cable to save some money and brought me a regular rca antenna from your local store.It picked up 7 channels.With the mohu ultimate i pick up 19 channels that included cbs,abc,fox and somtimes univision or nbc. I stay within the radius of picking up tv stations, this product works great.It does work better in the window and wireless devices can interfere with the performance.Other than that it really does work.
Incredible Performance!! -
Review by
I purchased and installed the Leaf Utlimate HDTV antenna and couldn't be happier. This antenna locked on to the most all signals from the DTV towers 37-38 miles away from my home in the Houston NW area.

After the TV completed its auto programming it reported 77 total DTV channels were available. Now, in this total a large number of primary channles have several sub-programming channels. To me this is incredible performance for an indoor antenna that is simply hung on a wall. Picture quality on most all channels is superb.

As I mentioned the antenna was recently installed so I haven't experimented much with the antenna position but at this distance from towers the antenna can't lock on to the VHF DTV channels (2-13). Based on what I read about this unit, it should.

Excellent product! -
Review by
I purchased the Leaf Ultimate about six weeks ago after extensive online research and talking with a coworker who also cut his cable tv.
It was very simple to set up. The picture quality is better than I had with Comcast. I live about 25 miles from the towers in Portland, Oregon, and receive over 20 stations crystal clear.
Mohu, this is a great product. I just ordered a second one ten minutes ago!
Poor -
Review by
Only picked up 4 channels.
Great Technology!!! -
Review by
I purchased the Leaf and did not expect it to work well. I was very impressed with the picture quality. I receive about 15 channels and the only reason I gave it four stars is because I wish I could have pulled in double that amount. Otherwise, great product and will be purchasing more in th future.
Awesome!! -
Review by
Sharolyn West
I am so glad I have this antenna-It works really well-Thank you MoHU.
Outstanding -
Review by
Anita Stoltz
This antenna is outstanding! It was very easy to install and the picture is great. I will be buying another one for the family room so that I can watch local tv channels and then add Netflix for other shows/movies and will drop Satelite tv. Don't waste your time with other antennas.
Stop searching. This is the one! -
Review by
When I discovered that it was possible to receive over the air broadcasts here in Western Canada using an antenna, I recently tested many antennas to see which would work best. I did a detailed study with a RCA loop, RCA flat omni-directional, two Philips loops, and Terk units and none could even meet the quality of signal I could receive with the Mohu Ultimate leaf. The best I could obtain with the others was 9 channels on the Terk. The Mohu Ultimate picked up 14 channels ans the best thing was once I found the best location for it, it works every time! As others have stated, you need to test out various mounting locations and even inches up or down , left or right can make a difference. I have bought two units and one is mounted near the floor on a lower wall, while the other is mounted above a window on the wall. Strangely placing it on the window did not work as well. Probably because there is a bug screen in front of it to contend with. Thanks Mohu! I highly recommend your product. The best Indoor antenna out there! I'm cutting my cable.
Amplified improvement over Mohu Leaf & Leaf Plus -
Review by
Andrea Polk
Previous to this purchase I tried the Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in USA and Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna at my home. Neither product worked better than the Philips SDV2750/27 Amplified Superior Digital Design Antenna, and none of the three could pull in more than five channels.

In other words - they didn't work for me.

When I saw the Mohu line had a new one - the Mohu MH-004092 Leaf Ultimate, I was pessimistically optimistic that with a 50 mile range it might be able to reach the tower located 43 miles away and pull in a couple more channels. TVFool had indicated I needed an outdoor antenna to grab over-air signals in my area, but I decided to give this one a try and if it didn't work - I could always return it.

"Mohu Ultimate - A Nice Surprise!"

Unboxed it looks and feels very much like the other two Leaf products (white on one side, black on the other), but it has an amplifier dongle, that is powered by USB. You can use the included AC adapter (with USB port on it) to power it by AC, or you can plug into a USB port on your amplifier or TV to power it. I chose the AC adapter, and plugged mine into a surge protected power strip. A blue light on the amplifer came on when it was powered up.

Directions for the Mohu Leaf Ultimate are simple and straightforward. There's not a lot to get confused about, which is great. Anyone can set this antenna up!

Assembly is as easy as attaching the cords per the directions, powering up the amplifier, and hanging the Mohu Ultimate in the best spot for over air reception. Finding the optimum placement for the Mohu Ultimate to work its magic is the tricky part!

It took me 5 attempts at hanging the Mohu (taking note of channels received after auto-tune and the signal quality of those channels) before I finally found the perfect spot to receive all of the HD channels in my area from CBS, NBC and ABC.

Hung 7' away from other electronics, about 1" down from the ceiling, and about 5" from the corner on an East facing wall with a large window opposite the wall, the Mohu Ultimate did what none of the others could accomplish. The over-air HD channels I'd been hoping I could pull in from 43 miles away, through mountains, were now mine without being hooked up to cable! Crystal clear reception on all available HD channels, with no dropped signals or pixalation.

That was something the Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna - Made in USA and Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna had not been able to accomplish for me, due to shorter range and perhaps never before finding 'just the right spot' to place the Mohu for optimum reception.

However, depending upon where you live, you might be able to save yourself some money. If you live in a urban area with lots of towers nearby, you may not need the 'Ultimate' and its amplified range. Consider saving a bit of money and going with the original Mohu leaf first, after you check with TVFool and/or antennaweb for signal strength and range in your area.

Mohu Ultimate is a top notch device that works as promised when correctly placed for optimium performance. It's build quality is solid, and it's easy to set-up and use.

Do I wish it was a tad less pricey? Sure, but for its unobtrusive good looks, outstanding performance and money it's going to save me in the long run over cable - it's worth it!

I will be using the Mohu Ultimate, a Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player to stream Netflix, HuluPlus and Amazon Instant Video. That combination will save me approximately $100 a month in cable bills. Something I thought I'd never be able to do with a very simple looking indoor antenna.

Definitely worth a look no matter where you live - rural, suburban or city dwellers - if you want to cut ties with cable TV.

Tips to getting the Mohu Ultimate to work for you:

1. To find the best placement for your Mohu, check TVFool for towers in your area. Knowing what channels are available, their strengths, and distance from you, and direction, is very helpful in finding the best spot for this omni-directional antenna.

2. Try at least half a dozen spots in your room to find what works best, and then you can neaten up your wiring as needed. Do a channel search after every new placement and take note of each channel's quality and tweak accordingly.

3. Hang the Mohu as high up on a wall as possible for the best reception to start, and then adjust as needed.

UPDATE: 2/5/2013

Getting nice clear HD reception from all the biggies in my area (CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX). Learned that if I moved the Mohu up or down on the wall - even as little as 2" makes a difference in reception! I actually lost ABC when I placed the Mohu too high on the wall, but gained it back by dropping it down 2".

To get proper placement you may want to get a second person to help you, especially if you know the channels that should come in (because the towers are close enough and/or you've received the signal before), and have them make minor adjustments up and down to get things adjusted for optimum reception.

I have noticed a slight delay on audio over air on one channel, but otherwise, looks as good as it did using Charter cable.
Best I've tried!!! -
Review by
It's a great antenna, and works really good. I really like the design. The white or black make it easier to make it less noticeable; then the traditional rabbit ear design. I actually have it on the area of wall right behind the tv. You can't see it, and no ill effect on reception.

This was a great addition to our Roku 2. We now have all the roku has, and major broadcast channel with the local news. Don't get me wrong, it's not a cable line up, but how channels do you actually watch with them.
Best Antenna I Ever Had -
Review by
Polly Griffith
For many days I was looking for an antenna to replace my expensive cable bills. I looked in stores such as Fry’s Electronics and Best Buy, but always came back disappointed. After a lot of searching, I found the Leaf Ultimate HDTV Antenna. I contacted Mohu’s customer service and a very nice lady, very professional, answered all my technical questions, and even located a Sam’s Club in Phoenix, Arizona that has this item available. I went and bought it and I could not be happier. It received 48 channels and the HD picture is better that my previous cable company used to give me! I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to give up their cable bill.
Over on Oahu -
Review by
I bought this on review from a friend. I was skeptical because there are a lot of hills and mountains here. I was able to get 24 channels downstairs in my home and 27 upstairs. I am able to get ABC, CBS and NBC. Those are what matter to me. :) Thank you for saving me money and being made in the USA!
TV for free?! Sign me up! -
Review by
I've owned this for over a year, and love it! I've recommended this to many friends and family over the past few months, and I get over 30+ HD channels in Portland w/ the Leaf. Line of sight is important when setting it up--If you live behind a hill... good luck. Otherwise, it's worth the one-time purchase price to never have to pay a subscription to cable or satellite again!
Amazing!! -
Review by
So we have an antenna on our roof (40' above the ground) which could only get us 10 channels. Right now with the Leaf we get 42 channels and the leaf is in a transom window above the front door. I will be purchasing another for my other home soon. Thank you for giving us awesome broadcast TV! Between you and Roku, there is no need for cable. Buying your antenna paid for itself the first day. All I can say is AWESOME!!!
Very happy with this product! -
Review by
Worth every penny, great reception, crystal clear. I'm getting double amount of channels that I had with my previous antenna. Would definitely recommend this product, very easy to install too.
Excellent product -
Review by
I have never owned a digital antenna, so I do not really have anything to compare this to besides my dish service. I live about 30-40 miles away from most of the towers. However, I received 16 channels with this thing. I live out in the country, which is actually better for reception since there are not as many buildings etc. that could potentially interfere with the signal.

The picture is AMAZING. I simply cannot believe that this antenna boasts true 1080p through a coaxial cable, but it DOES. I was amazed... No HDMI, no HD boxes, nothing... Just hooked into the back of the TV. It is pretty obvious to me at this point that cable/satellite companies are really taking advantage of customers with all of the HD charges. My plan is to use this antenna with a used series 3 Tivo that I purchased on eBay. If you purchase a used Tivo with lifetime service, you do not even have to pay the monthly surcharge for Tivo (otherwise it's like 13-15 per month). Tivo normally charges $499 for the lifetime activation (plus the cost of the box), so it really pays to find a used box on ebay. So really, all of this means that I will be able to get HD DVR service with 16 channels with a digital guide, including all locals, for literally $0.00 per month.

Overall, this antenna is great if you are in a good location to receive channels. I used tvfool.com to predict which channels I would get based on my address. It was pretty accurate, but I actually got more than it predicted.
Very Worthy Upgrade -
Review by
In short: I bought an expensive indoor Terk and Winegarden antenna. They pulled in 2 or 3 channels. Then I bought the amplified Leaf and it pulled in just under 40 channels. I bought one for each TV. I just tried the Ultimate Leaf, and it pulled in all of the missing channels. I now get everything that is possible in the Cincinnati area. I just ordered two more. Wow! Amazing. I now get everything my neighbor does with his high end outdoor antenna. This is simply an amazing product!
Excellent reception -
Review by
Leat O Campbell
After buying 2 other in-house air antennas, I was only able to get 3 channels on my new flat screen tv. Now that I purchased the MOHU Leaf in-house air antenna, I get 51 stations very clearly. AND, I have not had to connect to cable and the monthly fees of cable. I don't have to use a digital convert devise. The MOH Leaf air antennas is a cost-effective benefit, I only had to pay the cost-effective one time cost of $89.
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What is the range of the Leaf Antenna? What is the difference between the Leaf and the Leaf Ultimate?
The Leaf - The original passive, non-powered, award winning indoor TV antenna. Now with a 10 ft. coaxial cable. Range is 35 miles for UHF and 10 miles for VHF.

The Ultimate - An amplified powered indoor TV antenna with Clean Peak filter technology that removes unwanted RF signals and boosts the ones you want for the more difficult locations. Nothing like it on the market! Also with USB powering option and 16 ft. cable. Range is about 50 miles for UHF and 20 miles for VHF. Additional 5 dB gain than the Leaf Plus and improved filtering technology make it the best Leaf yet.

Both are modeled after the discreet vehicular mudflap antenna designed by our engineering team for the U.S. Military.

Please refer to our TV FOR FREE page to see what channels you can receive.
Will The Leaf Work For Me?
The Leaf is designed to work within 35 miles of the towers with the above criteria.

The Leaf Ultimate is designed to "amplify" or boost the clarity of your picture when it falls into the moderate or yellow areas but also provides an additional 10 miles or so. However, the Leaf Ultimate may not work well if the location is within 3 miles of the broadcasting towers, as the strong signals can actually overload the amplifier of the Leaf Ultimate and may reduce the overall performance.
How much does the Leaf cost every month?
Nothing. The Leaf Antenna is a one-time purchase. The Leaf will allow you access to free OTA (Over the Air) network programming such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox (varies by location). There is no monthly fee.
I heard that the Leaf doesn't receive VHF or Hi-V band stations. Is this true?
This is false. The Leaf does receive VHF or Hi-V stations. The Leaf is optimized for UHF stations, which comprises about 95% of the TV stations today. The Leaf will still receive VHF stations but it will not be able to receive them from as far away as the UHF band stations.
I have a flat screen TV, does this mean that my TV is digital ready? Do I need a digital-ready TV to use the Leaf Antenna?
Yes, your TV does need to be digital ready. Many users mistakenly assume that their flat screen, high-definition TV is automatically digital ready, when it may not be. Please check your television manual to see if your TV supports ATSC tuning.
Can I use the Leaf Antenna with an old standard definition (SD) TV?
Yes. To use the Leaf with an SDTV you will need a digital converter box. Any HD programming that you receive will be displayed on your television in SD quality.
Can I get Hulu Plus, Netflix, and streaming content through my Leaf Antenna?
No, the Leaf Antenna is not a streaming device, and functions only as an antenna to receive Over-The-Air (OTA) High Definition Broadcast TV signals. You will need a streaming device (i.e. Roku, D-Link Boxee Box, or gaming console) to utilize Hulu Plus and/or Netflix. Your Leaf and your streaming device should be viewed as complimentary products and are connected to your television through different input jacks. You will be able to switch between the two with your television remote.
Can I use an extension cable to extend the coaxial of the Leaf to acquire a more suitable location for my Leaf?
Yes. Just make sure to use 75 Ohm coaxial cable such as RG-6 or RG-11, low-loss versions of these are preferred. Running a cable greater than 25ft may degrade your antenna's performance.
Can I use a splitter to connect the Leaf Antenna to more than one TV?
We recommend that you use one Leaf per TV. The splitter divides the received signal strength between each TV which may mean that you may not get all of the channels you would get otherwise.
Can I combine two Leaf Antennas to get a stronger signal?
No. Two antennas will not result in a stronger signal, and will not enhance results.

How do I run a channel scan to get my Leaf to pick up signals?
The "channel scan" option is located in your TV menu and is accessed by pressing the "menu" button on your TV remote. The channel scan option may be listed as: auto program, channel search,channel setup or autoscan. Also, please make sure that your TV is set to "Air" and not "Cable". Please run your channel scan after each location change to instruct your television to re-draw the signals through your Leaf®.
What is the best placement option for my Leaf?
The best location for the Leaf will vary by location. A wall placement will work for most locations, however placing the Leaf in or around a window can allow for less signal obstruction. Do not hang the Leaf on or near any large metallic objects as metal reflects the signal.
How do I connect the Leaf Antenna to a digital converter box?
Plug the antenna into the "ANT IN" port on the back of the converter box. Run an extra coaxial cable from the "ANT OUT" connector to the coax port on the back of your TV and scan for stations within your digital converter box's menu screen (some converter boxes will scan for stations automatically). Once the scan is complete, you will change the stations using your digital converter box's remote.
How do I connect my Leaf Antenna to my DVR?
Make sure your DVR has a coaxial cable hook-up and a digital tuner. Find and select the option within the DVR menu to scan for stations (often called "antenna scan").
I used to receive a particular station that is no longer coming in clearly. What gives?
There can be many factors that affect signal strength. Factors such as topography, changes in weather patterns or vegetation can all have a strong effect on signal strength. It's important to run the channel scan whenever you notice any undesirable changes in the TV signal.
How do I mount the Leaf Antenna on the wall?
The Leaf® Antenna is shipped to you with two adhesive hook and loop pads which can be used to mount the Leaf. Alternatively you can mount the Leaf using push pins through the outer edge of the plastic laminate or simply use tape to mount it on the wall. To optimize performance, temporarily tape the Leaf to the wall in several different locations (performing a channel scan for each location) to determine where signal strengths are the highest.
How do I connect a Leaf and a cable box at the same time?
You can use an A/B coax switch to hook both up to your television. You will have to manually switch between the two inputs depending on which you would like to use.

What makes Mohu antennas special?
Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific, a team of engineers who have years of experience developing military grade antennas for the Navy. Our engineers have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in antenna design. Mohu's antennas are an outgrowth of a hidden, "low profile" antenna built into the mudflap of armored vehicles.
Is this legal?
Yes, free television broadcast has been around for over 60 years without interruption. The signal went from analog to digital in 2009, allowing over the air broadcast in full 1080 HD. The signal is broadcast from the towers and received by an antenna. This has been free and legal since the 1940s.
Cord-Cutter? Cord-Shaver? Cord-Never? What does this mean?
A cord-cutter is someone who no longer wishes to pay monthly cable or satellite bills and instead opts to use an antenna to receive over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast television. A cord-cutter may also use a streaming device such as Roku or Boxee to compliment their antenna for more viewing options. A cord-shaver is someone who wishes to keep cable or satellite on one television but uses an antenna on their secondary televisions, cutting their monthly bill by eliminating extra converter boxes. A cord-never is a younger person who never had a cable or satellite subscription in the first place.
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