Leaf Plus™ Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

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The Leaf Plus™ is unlike any other amplified HDTV antenna available! It’s like the Leaf® on steroids! The Leaf Plus™ features a high gain, low noise state-of-the-art pHEMT amplifier to provide additional gain to increase signal range and improve the quality and reliability of Over-The-Air HDTV signals.

Leaf Plus™ Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

The Leaf Plus™ is unlike any other amplified HDTV antenna available! It’s like the Leaf® on steroids! The Leaf Plus™ features a high gain, low noise state-of-the-art pHEMT amplifier to provide additional gain to increase signal range and improve the quality and reliability of Over-The-Air HDTV signals.

Exceptional performance. The Leaf Plus™ Amplified HDTV Antenna improves upon the top-selling Mohu Leaf® antenna. The Leaf Plus™ provides you with an additional range for remarkable reception. For channels that experience occasional dropouts or pixilation, the additional gain of the Leaf Plus™ will provide a far more reliable signal than other antennas.* It features the same razor thin design and high quality connectors as the Leaf®. 

Combine the Leaf Plus™ with a streaming device like a Boxee TV box, ‘smart’ HDTV or gaming system and never have to pay a cable or dish bill again!

USB powering option, unlike anything else. The Leaf Plus™ gives you a USB power injector at the end of the antenna cable to provide power to the amplifier in the antenna housing. This power injector uses a mini-USB connector. You can power the amplifier using the supplied power cube and USB cable or plug the USB cable into a USB port on your TV, if it has one. The advantage of doing this is that the amplifier will only be powered when the TV is turned on, eliminating parasitic power consumption when the amplifier isn’t needed.

Better design, better technology… The amplifier in the Leaf Plus™ provides 10-15 dB of gain across all TV channels and has the lowest noise figure possible. By placing the amplifier directly at the antenna we minimize noise and signal loss due to cable losses and maximize efficiency by matching the amplifier to the antenna. And just like the original best-selling Leaf®, the Leaf Plus™ is black on one side and white on the other to match any room's color. Some manufacturers place their amplifiers at the TV. But the losses in the coaxial cable between the antenna and the amplifier degrade the signal strength and add additional noise to the signal. The amplifier can then only amplify the noise and the signal. The amplifier belongs where we put it - right at the antenna, where it can amplify the signal before the cable loss can affect it. Placing the amplifier at the antenna, it also makes it possible to locate the Leaf Plus™ further from the TV using the Mohu Leaf® extension cables.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:   9 in x 11.5 in x 0.04 in

CORD LENGTH:   6 ft.

CONNECTOR:   75 ohm F connector

PATTERN: omnidirectional reception, no adjustments needed

*Continental U.S. only. UPS Standard shipping rates apply to Canada. Brokerage and duty tax fees will apply.

**TV signal performance is highly dependent on local terrain and installation location.

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Customer Reviews

The Mohu leaf gets more channels -
Review by
TV lover
I have hooked up several different antennas--ones from RCA, etc and the Mohu leaf. These antennas pulled in about 18. The Mohu leaf pulled in about 36. The picture is cyrystal clear and stable. It is better than cable was in the 1980s, and 1990s. I live in upstate South Carolina.
You Can't Have It Back -
Review by
When I received the package and felt how light it was, I made sure as I was opening it not to throw anything away because I was sure I was going to end up returning it after trying it out. After I hooked it up and saw how many channels I was now receiving, I threw the shipping box away. I don't know how it works, I just know that it does.
Couldn't be happier -
Review by
Happy in MI
I work in a location that does not get cable, nor has any previous HD Antenna received ANY channels. I read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. I got 10 channels, 10 more than I ever got before. Some are not great channels but I get 2 of the 3 major networks which is enough for the office! I am sure it would get more channels at my house. Looking forward to giving that a try also.
Works with tv hooked up to converter box -
Review by
I still haven't spent the money for an HDTV yet so I hooked the leaf plus to my tv with converter box. Now I get channels I haven't seen in ages. I'm a believer. I do plan to buy an HDTV in the future but right now. WOW! I would definitely recommend the Plus.
Excellent in The Woodlands TX -
Review by
I've had the regular Leaf, in my DR, for a while and it is a very good product, which is why I thought I'd try the amplified in my LR. I decided to CUT THE CABLE! So, the amplified one did bring in 20 more channels. All I cared about was making sure I received the 3 majors and PBS. One of the major's doesn't come in w/ the non-amplified in my DR.
Success! I get all the majors, PBS and several minor english speaking oldies type stations. Of course, many religious, latin and asian speaking stations are picked up too.
FYI, a couple months ago I did pick up some other type inside antenna to try in the DR. It was terrible, I took it back down and put the non-amp LEAF back in place. No contest. I returned the lousy one back to the store.

The LEAF antenna are as good as you'll get for an inside antenna if simple installation w/ minimum visual impact.
Leaf antenna -
Review by
Wow works great and will save me $1800.00 a year . I am able to pick up 37 channels in Parker Colorado. I had Direct TV. i am going to order the Leaf Plus for my Sony HDTV and see if I can receive more. No more contracts and wasting money..Thank you
so much.
great purchase -
Review by
i bought the mohu on craigs list and was very sure i had wasted my money, but after i hooked it up and recieved 22 channels i was estatic.....going to buy another one for the bedroom. well worth the money!
Review by
I had purchased an RCA antenna from Walmart and only picked up 3 stations none of which I had heard of. Bought the Leaf, plugged it in, and surprise.....26 stations including the networks and most in HD. The picture is even better than DTV. Love this product and it's great that it's made right here in the USA!!
Wonderful -
Review by
The mohu leaf plus works well. No more jumping up to adjust the antenna. All channels are clear and two extra channels found. Well worth the money.
Awesome -
Review by
Bought for my son who was moving to St. Louis. Tried it at home, we are 50-60 miles from major city and only got 4 channels. Hooked it up in St. Louis and got 25 channels.
As Sharp as it gets ! -
Review by
Oh yes I was a non believer. I could not believe that the quality of the picture could be as good as my previous Direct TV. All these years and I had not known. Yes the picture quality with the Mohu is Tack Sharp !
In my opinion, it's better than Cable and Direct TV. It seems impossible because this thing is an indoor antenna, but wow, seeing is believing. The only downside is that sometimes I have to adjust the orientation to sharpen up a couple stations.
Almost grrreat -
Review by
The antenna is great. My location is approximately 20 miles from DC and 30 miles from Baltimore. Although the two are about 60 degrees apart the antenna pulls in 40 digital stations from the two locations without rotation. I even got one analog station I never heard of and will never watch. But I got it! Of the 40 digital stations 13 provided an HD signal that was exceptionally sharp. Even the sound was better than with my previous antenna. Maybe that is just my imagination. However the antenna is directionally sensitive.
Which brings my only complaint. The stand is a model of poor design and must be fixed to a surface. This makes it difficult to change the location. By rotating my antenna I can pick up three different channels but I lose three. I don't care about one set of three so it is no loss -- but it could be.
On balance I am well satisfied with the performance.
Great reception in Sunny Isles Beach, FL -
Review by
After trying a lot of other products, I bought the Leaf Plus. I live in an interior courtyard condo on the beach in Florida. Even with cloud cover and rain, I still get all the local TV signals perfectly clear.

Happy to report that the Leaf works in Sunny Isles Beach, FL!

TIP for deciding between Leaf Plus and regular Leaf-- call customer service before ordering and they can look up your address and tell you how close you are to the TV station signals in your area and tell you which you need.

Also, Mohu's customer service people were great! I needed some help setting it up at first. Lynda, the customer service manager answered the phone after hours and talked me thru it. She even was nice enough to email me some tips on tech questions I was having with my TVs beyond the Leaf set up!
fantastic product -
Review by
I was very shocked how well the leaf plus worked on my television. i am able to get 51 channels and i live outside the Houston city limits. I will but two more and cancel my U-Verse.
Leaf plus -
Review by
This is one of the best antennas I have purchased. It works in a very rural part of NM. Iam able to pick up at least 9 channels. Thank you Mohu.
wish I had purchased the Leaf Plus -
Review by
I live in a single story, concrete-block house in Florida, typical for homes here. My lot is shady, but not excessively so. I live right in the city limits.

I can pick up the existing channels, but not well, and only then because I've moved the TV to a different location in the living room so I can attach the antenna to the windows.

The station reception comes and goes, and seem to do better in the evening, or when there's no storms. Really, I was expecting more, but for the price of the basic Leaf, I guess it's ok.
Good for my purpose -
Review by
We bought a small condo for our kids to use when they visit and didn't want to pay a monthly cable bill. Sent for the Leaf and once set up, we get 27 channels, many of which we don't watch, but get the local channels and that is enough for me when I am working there or for my kids when they are visiting. I hope it can be perfected more so I can get more channels. Keep up the good work, and keep improving it.
Great -
Review by
Very happy with this purchase. Picked up 34 channels, 11 more than my other antenna. Highly recommended.
Leaf Plus -
Review by
In The Trees
Conversation with representative at Mohu support indicated he saw a potential problem with the tree line adjacent to my home, but couldn't be sure until I tried it. He was correct. Reception was sketchy and inconsistent from channel to channel. Worth a try. Due to my homes location, Mohu was not the best option for me.
Fantastic Antenna with proper placement. -
Review by
We have tried many indoor antennas all were pretty weak performers.They would pick up signal and then drop it had to constantly adjust them in stormy or windy weather they were all useless.We tried channel master,RCA,sony,and even made our own bowtie antenna which worked the best of all.But we would not get a strong signal from our local abc network.So looking at the great reviews that the Mohu Leaf Plus got we gave it a try.Well with a little fiddling to find the sweet spot on my wall we now get all the local stations that we wanted with absolutley no signal loss at all.When the wind is blowing or a storm raging there is no signal loss.So i say get this antenna and take the time to find your sweet spot for reception and your golden.So throw those cheap antennas out and get the Mohu Leaf Plus Antenna you will be happy.
got all my channels! -
Review by
When we first moved into the house we got most of our locals, through the roof antenna, but everytime there was nasty storm we'd lose one. Eventually, we were down to two. So we got satellite, then we got sick of paying for the satellite, Enter the Leaf antenna! It was super easy to set up, the hardest part was dealing with my TV's clunky user manual. It took three tries in positioning before I got all my locals! But thanks to the Leaf, we'll be turning off our satellite as soon as we clear out the DVR. Thank you for saving us 65 bucks a month!
Pros and Cons -
Review by
Remedial One
Let me first say that the Customer Service I received was exemplary. Also, the instructions for set up were easy to follow (if I can do it anyone can.) My issue was I had no idea how to auto tune my TV - for which they most gallantly provided assistance.

I was worried I wouldn't receive any channels because I too live in the middle of a 3-story apartment complex on the first floor, with units on either side. Urban signals are much more difficult to obtain than long distance signals apparently.

Out of 116 potential channels I receive 32 DTV & 2 TV. I am not able to receive any cable channels. I think the cable companies have done something to purposefully block reception. I live in Tampa Bay and these are the channels I can get: ABC, CBS, WEDU, WUSF, CTN & 4 Infomercials stations.

I receive the same channels any digital converter or new TV would receive (and were my internal TV antennae functional on my LG flat screen, I probably wouldn't need to buy an external one.) I can only receive signals when the Leaf is on the windowsill facing north.

I am keeping the Leaf because over the course of one year it will more than pay for itself in savings on cable bills. But because of my location, I suffer broken signals during storms, every time a car drives by, and when the unit falls off the window (the stickies don't adhere to hot glass very well).

Also, the cable provided is too short so I live with my TV off centered on the entertainment center. I know I can buy a longer cable and maybe I will one day. It just seems like a lot of money for so few channels and I think a long cable should be included for the price. But Downton Abbey is on PBS in 2013 and I am ready.

I'm curious how the RCA at Radio Shack would fare in my complex but it is heavy and clumsy and the Leaf is easy to prop up. It's fallen off the window a few times without affecting functionality so it is very sturdy in its' lightweight design.

Good as gold -
Review by
I'm loving it. Works great. Glad I bought the amplified version as I am far from the station antennas. I have found the "sweet spot" for the antenna in my home.
No Regrets! -
Review by
After installing the Plus, I'm calling the cable station immediately. The quality of the signal exceeded my expectations, and the menu system on my TV makes managing the channels a snap. With an Apple TV unit, Wii, Netflix and HuluPlus. All my digital content is available just about everywhere - and I'm shaving $117 off my monthly cable bill. Do it!
Just a tad better than the original Leaf!!!! -
Review by
I own the original Leaf antenna and lately I have been getting a lot of skips and stalls on reception. I figured with an amplifier on the Leaf+ this would improve the reception and it has. I still get a skip and a stall once in a while, but it is a huge improvement from the original. I was hoping that with the amplifier on the Leaf+, I could get that one last channel that keeps alluding me, but no dice. Oh well, with a beautiful picture from the reception and consistency 98% of the time, what more do you want, other than free cable. As like the original, it blends well with any location its mounted, its light and easily hidden. One warning, do not drop it, because it is fragile. I had to do major surgery with my original Leaf to fix it, but it worked great until lately. So, DON'T DROP IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
Incredible Antenna!! -
Review by
I was skeptical at first having purchased many different antennas with no luck but this thing works! I cannot believe the clarity and the amount of channels I am able to watch. This antenna is well worth the expense and pays for itself with the money you save by not having to pay for cable/dish. I am extremely thankful for the extra $80.00 that I now have in my pocket simply by getting this antenna and saying goodbye to cable. Do yourself a favor and order it, you won't be disappointed.
Great reception and picture -
Review by
I received my Mohu Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna last week and have been pleased and satisfied with the reception. I did research on how many channels I could get in my area with a digital antenna and the most I could hope for was 11 - which was fine with me. When I hooked up the Mohu, I got an astounding 26. That is over double what I expected! Of course there was a couple channels I deleted because I knew I would never watch, but still overall was a great purchase.
Great Antenna -
Review by
I've tried several indoor antenna at my business and could only receive 5 channels. Now with Leaf Plus, I can receive 25 channels. I'm very happy with this antenna.
Fantastic Product! -
Review by
Leaf Plus was everything I was led to believe by other reviewers - and more! I merely plugged it into the coax, connected power module into TV's USB port and turned on. After making sure the input was set on "antenna" and running the TV tuner through the manual search for stations, I ended up with 22 channels including each of the big 4. This allowed me to cut $60 from what I had been paying for cable. Additionally, the programming available is much more appropriate for the children I have in the house (hate the MTV reality shows). Finally, I used some of the savings to secure a Netflix account. These two are great compliments in providing entertainment. Thanks Mohu for a great product!
we needed more power -
Review by
It didn't work for me, but was questionable when I purchased it. I wanted an indoor antenna, but probably need an outdoor antenna as we live in the country. It was sure easy to install.
The Leaf First Impression -
Review by
I bought the Leaf Plus after reading the review on TechBargains.
Installation is no brainer. The only question is which side/color best fits your room.
The USB power supply is the smart design. You don't waste energy when you're not watching TV.
The real work is to find the right location for the Leaf. The total number of channels received varies a lot just by moving the Leaf a few feet around. You just have to play around to find the best location.
The Leaf First Impression -
Review by
I bought the Leaf Plus after reading the review on TechBargains.
Installation is no brainer. The only question is which side/color best fits your room.
The USB power supply is the smart design. You don't waste energy when you're not watching TV.
The real work is to find the right location for the Leaf. The total number of channels received varies a lot just by moving the Leaf a few feet around. You just have to play around to find the best location.
Great product, offering a crystal clear picture and plenty of channels. -
Review by
We had a Leaf HDTV Antenna (non-amplified) for our main television, and loved it. But we didn't quite get all of the channels that we wanted (mainly CBS). When we got a TV in our bedroom we decided to get this version (amplified) to see if we could get more channels. Not only did we get more channels (including CBS), but every single channel comes in crystal clear. Combining this antenna with Netflix and/or Hulu Plus, we're able to save over $50 per month on our cable bill. Would highly recommend this antenna, especially if you live in a large suburban/city area.
It works! -
Review by
It works, plain and simple. I didn't have to fiddle around with it like I did the bunny ears that it replaced. I just stuck it on the wall, did a channel search and it was actually was able to find 20 more channels. I definitely prefer the clean flat square look over two big antennas sticking out the top of my TV. And it's especially cool if you have the USB port available on your TV, that way you don't have to use up an outlet. Overall: works as advertised.
Excellent product -
Review by
I bought this antenna after reading the reviews provided on CNET. Needles to say this product is exceptional and worth the buy. After connecting it to my new plasma HDTV I was as to pick up even more HD channels in my area I did not know existed. The signal strength was at nearly 100 %. Overall it is worth to get it.
Just do it! -
Review by
Brad Goodrum
Ordering was easy; shipping was almost immediate. The product is everything the web site claimed. Cablevision has been canceled and $75.00 per month saved. We receive all three major networks, 3 PBS channels, dos que habla Espanol, and some other miscellaneous channels. Excellent inital experience!
Great -
Review by
The leaf + is the best. It's better then my outdoor antenna. I pick up more then I did with the old one that got recked in a wind storm.
Leaf Plus Worth the $$ -
Review by
it's unbelievable that it's so thin, light-weight, but with good reception
Amazingly Thin and Effective -
Review by
M Reilly
I was really surprised by the thinness of the antenna basically laminated card stock! But the signal it gets is very impressive
Review by
Karen in Irvine California
This is my 3rd purchase of this antenna! As soon as I saw all the channels I was able to get, I called my cable company and discontinued my service. I got channels that my cable company couldn't even provide. So then I told my boyfriend, and I ordered one for him. He loved it so much, he ordered a second one, and so did I for our other TV's. I can't even get decent cell phone service where I live, so I was very skeptical about getting strong enough signals. Well I was wrong! It is so light-weight and easy to hook-up. I have been telling all my Friends to ditch their cable and go for the Leaf Plus!
Mohu Leaf Plus -
Review by
I was done with paying a cable bill each month and was looking for an alternative for my TV connection. I called and spoke to the team at gomohu.com and they were terrific ! I found them to be eager to help answer all of my questions, knowledgeable and HONEST. I am was most excited about buying an American made product. I am very happy with The Leaf Plus and highly recommend this company to you.
Interesting -
Review by
Quickest service I've ever encountered. Did connect it and channel scan from 2 positions so far. Came up with 15 stations.
I find it amazing to do that well just stuck to the wall and with the alternate colors, easy to hide. Thanks for a great product.
Excellent! -
Review by
I received my leaf amplified antenna on 06/23/12 and just for kicks and giggles, hooked it up to the TV and to the wall with tape. After all I didn't want to put any permanent effort into it until I knew it would work (I did have my doubts.) The first round of channel search led to 15 channels, 3 major networks include. The second round channel search led to 21 channels and all four major networks in our area. All in HD! The picture with this antenna is better than the channels being supply by our Directv because I wouldn't subscribe to their HD service. Well, you can bet I'll be cancelling their service all together now. This thing is GREAT!
Best Antenna Ever -
Review by
Terrell Jones - White House, Tennessee
I bought the leaf+ about 2 months ago after reading about it for a while. I was using a terk antenna which claimed to be the best antenna available. It did ok, but a lot of the channels would drop out. I plugged in the leaf+ and performed a channel scann. I got all of the channels in my area except for PBS (which I don't watch anyway). I would recommend this antenna to anyone who wishes to cancel cable service. I think that the cable companies are greedy and do not care about the customer. They only care about filling their own pockets.

Also, I ordered my grandmother two leaf+ antennas. Keep up the good work,

Great antenna. What a surprise! -
Review by
Sarah P
I was skeptical about the product when I first saw a flimsy looking laminated piece of paper. Boy, looks can be deceiving! This is the best antenna, if not the greatest. Easy to install and it does not take up any spaces. It is SO worth the investment. Antenna of the Amerian, by the American, for the American!
awesome -
Review by
I needed an antenna for my spare bedroom that I didn't have cable in. I hooked my TV up to regular bunny ears and only received approximately 12 channels. I went online and saw this product. I have to be honest I was a bit sceptical at 1st. I ordered it and it was at my house a few days later. I hung it on my window ran a channel scan and OMG I now receive over 50 channels and my house is over 35 miles from the broadcast tower. Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed.
Awsome -
Review by
rock lover
Great product. I get better reception than I did with cable and I get it in HD now.
Great idea but... -
Review by
I guess I deserve the label of optimist as new electronic gadgets, with their promises of revolutionary performance, attract me like the proverbial moth to flame.
My high hopes for this flat antenna exceeded the reality of basic physics. Although the unit does indeed act as an antenna, it's performance is decidedly inferior to my current Terk HD antenna. Of course, to be fair the Terk is a much bigger unit and looks like the old "rabbit ears" employed in the days of analogue broadcasting.
I tested the Leaf with a Dish Network 722 satellite receiver with my signals coming from only one location. Even though all HD signals come from the same mountain top, the signal strengths varied widely. The satellite receiver uses a scale of 1-100. The Leaf could manage a top reading of 69 on the strongest TV stations--and there was no signal on some others. Interestingly enough, I expected that I would get no signal from the one station in our local area that is on the VHF band. However, the Leaf did show a signal strength of 70--enough to keep the signal delivering a very acceptable picture without pixilation as the signal strength varied.
I only had the luxury of moving the Leaf within a 5x8 space. Within that range, along with directional changes, the signal strengths varied within the 50-69 range. However, never could I get all local channels to come in at one time from any antenna position. Since it is important for me to receive all the major networks (especially PBS--not covered in HD by Dish Network in my market) the Leaf Plus was not a contender for me. I am sure it will be for others. Forget web sites like Antenna Web to guide you, I think the only way to judge this unit is by seeing how it works with your set up.
The saving grace for the Leaf Plus, is it's small and unobtrusive size. Indeed if you live in a major metro area with strong local signals, you might give the Leaf a try. In essence the Leaf is a wonderful idea but a miserable reality for many of us without ideal conditions.
Looks can be deceiving -- this thing really works! -
Review by
I was skeptical at first because quite frankly this thing does not look like it should work at all. I live near Raleigh, NC. Not only did I get all of the local Raleigh channels, I'm also pulling in the Greensboro channels and those stations are over 75 miles away, all because of something that looks like a sheet of paper with a wire attached to it. I can't believe that this thing really works, even better than the Turq antenna that I used to use.
ok -
Review by
I'm picking up channels I couldn't receive before. It still loses signal on some channels while watching which is quite annoying. I thought getting the plus would prevent this from happening. I didn't try the regular. I suggest going with the basic first.
An Amplified HDTV antenna that works. -
Review by
Tried the leaf and it picked up a few stations that would fade in and out. Returned them and got the amplified version and it picked up over 20 channels very well.

Don't be afraid to try this antenna in several different places on the wall or window and then run your TV search feature after each move. Not all positions pick up all channels and some tried places maximized reception. Just simple scotch tape will hold the leaf while you do the searches. Save the Velcro stickers until you find the best location. They only give you two.

The ten foot extension allows the antenna to be placed further away from the TV offering the ability to try the Leaf Plus in more places/positions but be advised you will need to have a electric plug within 5 feet of the antenna as the amplified part will probably not reach the USB plug in your TV.

Local station towers are 15 to 25 miles south and on the other side of a low ridge. I was amazed at the increased strength of the Leaf Plus over the Leaf and a simple solution to free TV verses over priced cable. This will pay for its self in a month.
Very Happy and great reception. -
Review by
Looked at other alternatives, and even got an estimate for an outside antenna installed and wired. Cost was a factor, as well as flexibility and placement..

Receiving 19 base channels, and 44 total digital channels.
Was easy to tape the antenna to various locations to check reception, and auto scan for channels with the TV. So far, with present placement, all received channels have held strength and signal - Great reception, not pixellation or break up. Have to see if it holds up under all weather and atmospheric conditions.

Would expect even better reception if I moved it to the attic (another 18 ft of elevation), but I am loath to sort out running the antenna cable through the house.
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How do I run a channel scan to get my Leaf to pick up signals?
The "channel scan" option is located in your TV menu and is accessed by pressing the "menu" button on your TV remote. The channel scan option may be listed as: auto program, channel search,channel setup or autoscan. Also, please make sure that your TV is set to "Air" and not "Cable". Please run your channel scan after each location change to instruct your television to re-draw the signals through your Leaf®.
What is the best placement option for my Leaf?
The best location for the Leaf will vary by location. A wall placement will work for most locations, however placing the Leaf in or around a window can allow for less signal obstruction. Do not hang the Leaf on or near any large metallic objects as metal reflects the signal.
How do I connect the Leaf Antenna to a digital converter box?
Plug the antenna into the "ANT IN" port on the back of the converter box. Run an extra coaxial cable from the "ANT OUT" connector to the coax port on the back of your TV and scan for stations within your digital converter box's menu screen (some converter boxes will scan for stations automatically). Once the scan is complete, you will change the stations using your digital converter box's remote.
How do I connect my Leaf Antenna to my DVR?
Make sure your DVR has a coaxial cable hook-up and a digital tuner. Find and select the option within the DVR menu to scan for stations (often called "antenna scan").
I used to receive a particular station that is no longer coming in clearly. What gives?
There can be many factors that affect signal strength. Factors such as topography, changes in weather patterns or vegetation can all have a strong effect on signal strength. It's important to run the channel scan whenever you notice any undesirable changes in the TV signal.
How do I mount the Leaf Antenna on the wall?
The Leaf® Antenna is shipped to you with two adhesive hook and loop pads which can be used to mount the Leaf. Alternatively you can mount the Leaf using push pins through the outer edge of the plastic laminate or simply use tape to mount it on the wall. To optimize performance, temporarily tape the Leaf to the wall in several different locations (performing a channel scan for each location) to determine where signal strengths are the highest.
How do I connect a Leaf and a cable box at the same time?
You can use an A/B coax switch to hook both up to your television. You will have to manually switch between the two inputs depending on which you would like to use.

What makes Mohu antennas special?
Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific, a team of engineers who have years of experience developing military grade antennas for the Navy. Our engineers have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in antenna design. Mohu's antennas are an outgrowth of a hidden, "low profile" antenna built into the mudflap of armored vehicles.
Is this legal?
Yes, free television broadcast has been around for over 60 years without interruption. The signal went from analog to digital in 2009, allowing over the air broadcast in full 1080 HD. The signal is broadcast from the towers and received by an antenna. This has been free and legal since the 1940s.
Cord-Cutter? Cord-Shaver? Cord-Never? What does this mean?
A cord-cutter is someone who no longer wishes to pay monthly cable or satellite bills and instead opts to use an antenna to receive over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast television. A cord-cutter may also use a streaming device such as Roku or Boxee to compliment their antenna for more viewing options. A cord-shaver is someone who wishes to keep cable or satellite on one television but uses an antenna on their secondary televisions, cutting their monthly bill by eliminating extra converter boxes. A cord-never is a younger person who never had a cable or satellite subscription in the first place.
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Mohu warrants our products against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. During this period, the products will be replaced or repaired at no charge. This warranty does not cover damage due to acts of nature, commercial use, accident, misuse, abuse, or negligence. This warranty is valid only in the USA and Canada. There are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purchase except to the extent that implied warranties of either sort are required by applicable law, in such case, each warranty is limited in duration to the one year.
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