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  • A completely new take on the traditional roof top / attic mounted antenna
  • Multidirectional: Does not have to be pointed
  • Based on technology developed for the US Military
  • Antenna Mounting Kit Included
  • Includes 30 ft. high performance cable
  • Dual powering options: USB or power cube
  • CleanPeak™ filter technology provides low noise, state-of-the-art amplification
  • 60 mile range antenna
  • 1 year part and labor warranty

Sky HDTV Outdoor Antenna 3

The Sky HDTV Attic / Outdoor Antenna is the newest addition to the Mohu family and offers a completely new take on the traditional rooftop or attic mounted antenna. Weighing in at only 3 pounds, the Sky  Attic / Outdoor Antenna is a powerful, amplified antenna solution that was developed from research for the United States military. The antenna design is unlike anything that you will find in texts, literature or competitor's products. Similar to the Leaf antenna or Leaf Ultimate, the Sky  outdoor antenna is multidirectional and does not have to be constantly readjusted for optimal signal strength.

Sky  Attic / Outdoor Antenna is small, powerful, and unique. With the ability to provide uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles, users will not have to settle with a large, bulky or more expensive rooftop-mounted antenna. The Sky's unique design allows it to be easily mounted in an attic where other antennas are simply too large.

The Sky  Outdoor Antenna features a tightly integrated low noise state-of-the-art digital amplifier to increase the signal range and improve the quality of the HD broadcast signals. The amplifier is powered via a USB port or with the included power cube.

21 in x 1 in x 9 in.

Detachable 30 ft. high performance cable

75 ohm F connector

Multidirectional reception, no adjustments needed

*Lighting Resistant, Antenna Mounting Kit Included

*Continental U.S. only. UPS Standard shipping rates apply to Canada. Brokerage and duty tax fees will apply.

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Customer Reviews

Works great! Simple, elegant design for external use. -
Review by
I live about 30 miles from the nearest towers and 55 miles from the next closest major city. I installed this on my roof and was able to pull in all channels from both cities (they are in opposite directions). It seems to pull the more distant signals better on cloudy days. The only issue I am having periodically is that running the microwave can interfere with the signal on some channels. I've yet to try moving the amplifier to a different circuit, but I'm guessing that will resolve the problem. Great installation manual. Can't wait for my MoHu Channels to ship!
Compact and best of any outdoor antenna -
Review by
I bought the leaf but didn't get nbc or abc, the two channels I wanted, turns out they are both VHF channels and the VHF range on the leaf is weak at best, so I traded in the leaf for the Sky and immediately received nbc abc pbs cbs oeta cow fox and ion. I strongly recommend outdoor over attic due to signal loss of being indoors the high price is worth it for sure
Awesome Buy! -
Review by
I was barely able to get 5 channels with a indoor amplified antenna's I bought at local stores. I got the leaf and picked up 22 channels. I purchased the Sky HDTV indoor/outdoor antenna and set it up in my bedroom. I haven't even mounted it in the attic yet!
the best antenna out there -
Review by
This antenna outperforms all others that I have used. I get a steady picture in a room that has had poor reception every since I have lived there - 40+ yrs. Antenna is in the attic and I get great reception. I will highly recommend this company and the SkyHDTV to all my friends.
Excellence Prevails -
Review by
Recieved antenna with very fast shipping. Antenna packaging is excellent. The directions are written in easy to understand text, obviously by someone who tried it after writting it. Even the individual bags of screws are identified with an alpha character inside each bag to reference back to the installation instructions. A lot of thought has gone into this product and quality is obvious by the packaging, instructions, and the quality of the product itself. I was pleased to see the results as I now get around 60 channels of free TV. Most of the channels are ones that I would never use.The reception is about 98% as good as my cable recpetion. I highly recomend this antenna.
Good, Better, Best -
Review by
I bought the Sky Antenna to us with our travel trailer. We don't intend to mount the mast. Rather, we just set the antenna on the picnic table at our campsite. We pulled in about 8 channels, and that was in rural N. C. Albeit, we were on the coast, and so I can't vouch for reception when there are mountains involved. I rate the antenna GOOD.
BETTER is my rating for tech support. John was more than helpful when we called with a problem that we had created: we got the amplifier wet. John was kind and gave us tips to get around the problem. Plus, Mohu is sending us a replacement amp.
BEST is my rating for overall customer service. I made complaint about the turn around for two-day delivery. Mohu is a small company, and --unlike Amazon--doesn't have 24/7 staff and delivery pickup by UPS. I've gotten used to nearly instant gratification from big companies on delivery of goods. Mohu's antenna was worth the wait.
The sky HDTV antenna -
Review by
We just installed the sky HDTV and it works great. We live right up against hi tension wires and it has not effected it. We get 49 HD channels. I am so glad to get rid of my cable carrier.
Awesome Picture -
Review by
I live in what they call a "deep fringe" area that is 35 miles from the nearest tower and 50+ from most.

I have the sky mounted to a 1" piece of conduit 10' long, strapped to the chimney of a two story house, running off a 100' quad shield coax wire to the basement.
From there it hooks up to the booster that came with the antenna then into a powered splitter, that runs to 6 TV's in the house. Actually only 3 TV's but 6 Lines (some of those lines are 100' each).
All can run independent channels in 1080 HD and all are crystal clear picture.

However like my wife said. You dont have 34 channels. We have 6 channels, each repeated 5 times! Somewhat true as I get CBS for example out of 5 different cities. But depending on the time slot, they are not always the same program.

I am very happy with it and I like the fact that it is so small and light weight that it is easy to install. No guide lines, no hassle.
Cancelling the cable today!
We are saving tons of money. Thanks Mohu! -
Review by
I cut the cord on satellite in March, 2013, just before this antenna became available. From March until now, I've been using the Mohu Leaf Ultimate. It was the best of several indoor antennas I tested. However, the local ABC affiliate (and sub-channels) and the local ION affiliate (and sub-channels) were simply too far away and too many topographical barriers to be consistently available via an indoor antenna (or in the case of the ION channels, at all). After installing the Mohu Sky in my attic, I picked up both of the local ABC affiliate and sub-channel signals and the ION and sub-channel signals easily, adding 11 more signals which we can consistently receive. In addition, I have on occasion picked up a couple of low power signals in our area and, when atmospheric conditions are right, signals from cities well beyond the normal 70 miles range.

In all, we now consistently receive 35 channels, representing 23 unique channels of video content and 2 unique channels of audio content (we live in a mountainous region with affiliates broadcasting on multiple channels from different tower locations). We now can consistently get over-the-air reception from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, PBS, World, Create, Bounce, MeTV, This TV, My Network TV, ION, ION Life, Untamed Sports, Qubo, Smile of a Child, ZUUS Country, TNN, TBN, the Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace, QVC, Shop, two local weather channels and two local radio channels. Occasionally we also receive the local low power signals from the Daystar and HSN affiliates.

When combined with a Roku, an Apple TV, a PC running PlayOn (which streams to the Rokus) and Windows Media Center (through which we record over-the-air broadcasts for later viewing via PlayOn and the Rokus and our i-devices), we have a robust replacement for cable, including access to a ton of sports via over-the-air broadcasts, MLB.TV and ESPN3.

We are saving tons of money. Thanks Mohu!
Goodbye cable -
Review by
I`ve cut the cord, i`m 32 mi. from the towers in Cleveland, picked up 40 plus channels,i do have one streaming service. So for the price of 3 months cable i`m payed up for the year, very happy.
Outdoor Antenna -
Review by
I recently bought this Sky outdoor antenna and installed it my attic and it worked great. I live in New Jersey about 20 miles south of New York City.

I just installed it horizontally without the amplifier. I get around 40 channels.
How many channels? 50! YES -
Review by
For my Zip (34785) the site says 20 channels
I hooked it up in the living room for a test, only picked up 2 channels... Then I was off to the roof, 2 story about 35 feet off the ground at least, I used an extension handle to get maximum height. I'm happy to report over 50!!! yes FIFTY channels. My zip puts me between TAMPA DAYTONA and ORLANDO I pick up channels from all three markets! so I have some repetition, a few Spanish channels. Prior to this I had an old Arial fishbone antenna that was falling apart and got about 20 channels. A+ worth the money!
Fantastic!!!! -
Review by
Put up my Mohu sky antenna. I had an indoor amplified antenna and got 19 channels. Not horribly bad, but I wanted more and wanted to reach about 50 miles to catch some other towers. Bought the Sky.....and got 41 channels. Even when I asked the good folks at Mohu if I could reach some of the channels that I now get, they doubted I would be able to based on the terrain. However, I'm happy to say they were a little wrong because the product that they sell is fantastic. Would highly recommend if your towers are within 60 miles. This thing will pick them up. Mounted outside....funny, I used my old dish mount on the roof and used existing satellite cable. Couldn't be happier with the Mohu sky.
I love the Sky Outdoor Antenna -
Review by
I own and live in a house near New Orleans LA and own a lovely place north east in Mississippi about 60 miles from the city.

Before we moved full time from the MS house, we were doing the DirecTV route for our television consumption, we had HD and 4 receivers and were paying about $150-$170 per month, plus needed a phone (land line) for the satellite service (add $29).
Yet on average, we watched a majority of out television on the 4 main broadcast networks CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC.

Noting this fact, when we moved into the city (for my work and son's education), we got a minimum cable package, ATT UVerse along with internet service, why pay for what we don't use, right?

<PAUSE> What?

I decided to move back to the house in the country and discovered the MOHU line of antenna's and ordered the SKY because of the distance to the broadcast towers.
We installed it first just laying the device in the rafters in the attic for testing, and then outside on the mounting bracket.

We get every broadcast station in a 60-75 mile radius, including New Orleans, Biloxi and Hattiesburg MS, and one from Jackson, MS.

Granted the actual different channels are perhaps a double handful, but the quality is exceptional, much better than cable or satellite.

I am now getting a MOHU Leaf for the New Orleans house and one for my son's apartment (LSU) in Baton Rouge, LA.

Cut the Cord, Power to the People!
Great Product, Great Service -
Review by
I originally bought this antenna on Amazon, but after three days it had still not been shipped, so I cancelled and ordered direct from Mohu. Shipping was free and, unlike Amazon, no sales tax was charged. I received it 5 days after ordering. Attic Installation was simple with a couple of self tapping screws into the joists. I could not pick up ABC, so I emailed Mohu tech support. Got a reply within 24 hours recommending a change of antenna orientation from south to southwest and now it's perfect. 44 channels and all the local networks in crystal clear HD with 100% signal strength (I live in a suburb of Dallas so all the transmitters are 20 to 35 miles away). Bare in mind, though, that although this is a "multi-directional" antenna, that doesn't mean how it's mounted isn't important. I doubt there's a better antenna out there and, if there is, no way it is this small and easy to mount.
Good product. -
Review by
I got 10 stations from Savannah, Ga. which is about 60 miles away. Great picture & sound on the HD channels. Great product for the price. Mounted it in the attic. Got better reception there vs. outside. Sure beats the price of DISH !
Great antenna -
Review by
I brought this antenna and mount it on the house chimmy. I live 43 miles from the TV towers, but works great. No rotor required, just set it up and you can watch free tv. No more 85 dollars month for cable, so it's pays for it self in two months. Picture is HD and at no cost.
Just what I needed -
Review by
J in LA
Ordered from NC Friday, delivered Wednesday to LA... for free! No need to mount outside or in attic. Placed my SKY HDTV antenna on a record shelf & picked up 100+ channels. Set-up is simple & quick. For my needs - sports in HD on CBS, NBC, FOX & ABC + several interesting world channels, SKY is perfect! Excellent customer service as well. Thanks Lynda!
Review by
Totally impressed! After I installed my SKY (I simple unbolted the Direst TV dish and used the insert level to bush the SKY antenna mast - after cutting the bend off. A little silicone and we have HD TV from nearly 17 channels -- most of these are much higher quality than the Direct signal.
My neighbor that has a lot of experience and two antennas mounted on a 20' tower was so impressed with the quality of signal that he said he was ordering a SKY antenna for himself.
Awesome -
Review by
I live in the shadow of the Catalina Mountains in Tucson, AZ and have not been able to pick up more than two or three of the six main stations at any one time. Even with two antennas facing the main broadcast stations and repeater stations nearer by I was getting poor reception. I did not expect the Sky Antenna would do much better so I was counting on Mohu's 30-day guarantee if it didn't work. I set it up the day it arrived . Once I figured out how the multiple cable companies had wired the house I was getting every channel available with plenty of signal strength in three rooms. Truly Awesome! Nice Job, Mohu.
Excellent, but limited in non-large metro areas -
Review by
I live in a Midwest Big 10 college town... population of the metro area is around 140K, not including the 40K+ student population. Unlike the large metro areas such as Atlanta, Chicago, LA, NYC, SFO, etc., this antenna will pick up only around 8 to 10 broadcast DTV signals. However, this is a few more than others of similar designs. The sad fact is that in many Midwest communities of similar size, cable or satellite is in reality the only viable option, as broadcast DTV reception is significantly worse than the "old days" with analog broadcast TV. I envy those of you that can receive dozens upon dozens of broadcast DTV signals, but it's just not the case for many of us outside of the very large cities.
It works virtually wherever you put it. -
Review by
I received my mohu sky HDTV today and let me tell you. The installation was super quick and the quality of the channels are amazing. Hands down this is the best way to go, to cut the cord. No complaints whatsoever. I installed the sky HDTV right by my tv. I got 125 channels.
Best antenna ever made -
Review by
I used to be one of those folks who was paying tons of money each month for satellite service, realized it was too much money for a ton of channels I didn't need.
Did some research and found the SKY HDTV antenna. I was skeptical over its claims of number of channels and how well the HD channels would show and sound.
I received my antenna in today and within 12 minutes had it assembled and hooked to my tv. Was extremely surprised to see the ease of hooking it up and plugging it in.
I turned on my tv and did a channel search, it found over 20 channels in my area. I live on the outside edge of Rochester, NY. We are receiving signals from Buffalo in HD crystal clear pictures.
I can not say enough about this product. It works right out of the box and I would definitely tell others about this device.
It works! -
Review by
I've long been a cord cutter for over 5 years. I bought the Sky HDTV Antenna to replace an old antenna that had seen better days.

I wanted something that would work when installed in an attic - I have a metal roof so previous antennaes that I tried weren't strong enough for the signal to get through even with an amp so I ended up having to install them outside. Well, with the rain, wind and lightening in Florida, I had to replace my antenna three times now; the Sky Antenna is my fourth and I believe my last.

I did not know about the Sky HDTV Antenna until about 3 weeks ago when I stumbled across it in a cord cutter article and after reading all the reviews, I simply had to get one and I can tell you that I'm very happy I did. It works!! Crystal clear HD channels for free! What more could you ask for. I would highly recommend it.
Brandt -
Review by
I recently purchased the new Mohu Sky HDTV antenna to install in my attic. As a former cable/satellite user (looking to save significant money) I was fortunate that the cable was already installed to the three TV’s I wanted to hook up (2 LCD digitals and one analog with a digital converter box). I did find that I needed an amplified splitter which I purchased at a local Radio Shack. Having been a Mohu Leaf Antenna user I was not surprised how well the product worked in spite of its very small size and weight. Reception within the 60 mile range is very good and the picture (even on our 56”) is pure HDTV…very sharp. I chose to hang the Sky HDTV instead of installing then mounting bracket and pole. Everything you need is in the box and installation was very easy with clear instructions.

I have also been impressed with Mohu customer service. Any time I called with a question when I was considering the purchase the representative was knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend Mohu antennas. The fact that they are made in the USA is an additional point in their favor.
90+ channels and the best ones are free ! "Happy in Sunnyvale, CA"! -
Review by
the product worked right off the box. I have it installed in my bedroom on the 2nd floor. I now receive excellent quality tv ... a MUST buy !
Works great! -
Review by
Travs Reilly
I live in SE Aurora CO about 25-30 miles from the station transmitters.

So, I purchased the Sky directly from Mohu as it was a few bucks cheaper than another popular website, plus it was free shipping. I was going to go with the Leaf or the Ultimate Leaf but a few factors dis-waded me. 1. I didn't want to have the leaf in my living room 2. I live almost directly under high power lines and I didn't know how that would affect things 3. I had an analog antenna already wired into the house up in the attic so to install the Sky would be a cinch.

I installed (and by install I mean it is just hanging in the attic at the moment, I wanted to make sure it would work before I make it permanent.) the Sky in my attic and connected it to the coax that was wired into the house. I connected it to the TV and ran a channel search and it came back with 40 found digital channels. I was insanely more $30 cable bill for local channels!!! So, I get ABC, CBS, NBC, 2 PBS's, FOX, MeTV, Create, several side channels of the major networks, more Christian channels than I expected, some Spanish channels (I'm pretty sure I deleted Telemundo & Univision), and a few more that I can't remember at the moment. All in digital and HD if they were broadcasting in HD.

If the high power lines were affecting the signals I didn't notice, and to top things off I realized after the channel search that I had forgotten to put the power amplifier in line, so all these signals were without the power amp....color me impressed! I'll have to hook up the amp to see if I can pull in any more, but honestly all I care about are the major networks.

I definitely recommend this unit for anyone living in the 60 mile range that the Sky has. Is it pricey?? Perhaps, but in my situation not knowing if the high power lines would be a problem I wasn't to concerned and I'll recoup the cost in 6 months after I cancel my cable. I also wanted to comment on a another post that states their box didn't state it was made in America, mine did have a Made in America label on the box.
This thing is fantastic -
Review by
Mike Brodeur
As with everyone else who is looking at this page right now, I was looking to cut the cord. We didn't watch much TV, mostly mindless channel surfing. So we signed up for Hulu+ and then I researched broadcast TV. Here's how I pulled it off:

Go to and find out how far you are from the nearest city that broadcasts, we were 40 miles out, since the Leaf Ultimate was 45ish mile range we opted for the Sky to make sure we had enough juice to pick up HD signals clearly.

Next, get the antenna and hook it up. Ours is in our attic, with the 30ft coax cable going down the garage wall to a coax splitter for the house (8 ports). I was concerned with splitting the signal that many ways but it had absolutely no effect on the quality at all.

Once you're all hooked up run an antenna scan for channels from your TV and you should be good to go!

NOTE: One thing I noticed was I couldn't pick up CBS in Chicago (we are northwest suburbs). I found this not to be an antenna issue but with how CBS broadcasts their signal, it is VHF (older technology) vs. UHF (newer). Apparently they are in the process of fixing this but it's been slow to make movement.

That was it. I was honestly shocked at the quality of the signal to my TV, HD looked really fantastic. Obviously you don't get DVR functionality with this, but you could always run something like Media Center in conjunction with this and be set.

All in all this antenna was absolutely worth the money, you won't be sorry. Thanks Mohu for helping us save $100+ a month in cable bills! You have one happy customer here.
Great at the Beach -
Review by
Danny Green
I purchased the Sky antenna for my parents beach place. All I can say is wow... When I took it out of the box it was barely wider than my chest and really light weight. Setup wasn't hard, I ran the coax cable to my attic and tested for the best location.

After mounting it I ran a channel scan and got 33 channels! To tell the truth, I was not expecting the Sky to pick up more than 12 channels or so. The house is pretty close to the ocean, so no broadcast towers are located out there. But still picked up alot of channels. I'm really blown away with the Sky antenna!
Want to cut the cable (dish) cord? This is it! -
Review by
Cody Johnson
What can I say, other than I am very pleased with the outcome. My review is as follows:

Super packaging. Clear directions and very nice labeling / numbering of the parts. I also liked the fact that Mohu is indicating from pictures, you can run your whole house through the single Sky antenna. The picture of the 'HOUSE' on the box was a nice touch.

My situation is:
I've been looking to cut the cord, Time Warner Cable, for quite some time and was quite sick of the horrible customer service, bad compressed HD signal's, and the ridiculous monthly payment for TV that we simply didn't watch all that much. Literally I started to take notice of my Wife and I, when the kids were down and in bed,TV watching habits. Unless it was a movie that we rented from Amazon Prime instant video or Netflix, we were channel surfing literally every night. During the day, no TV and weekends -- well TV watching was non-existent as well.

I've known about Mohu and their leaf antenna's for a while and have heard great things about them, but I was looking for something stronger, something to control a whole house through 1 antenna. --- After many emails with the Mohu team and waiting for this antenna to hit the market, this was hopefully my savior!

My setup:
GE Smart Panel in closet. 6 TV's in house + 1 projector in the movie room.
1) Play room - Rarely used
2) Living room - used often
3) Porch - 50/50 use
4) Spare bedroom's - Used when guests stay over
5) Master bedroom - used often
6) Office - Used daily
7) Movie room - Mainly used for movies / football (Summer time, use will be very low)

I originally hooked up the antenna in the closet, hooked directly into the panel for testing purposes. This closet is literally in the middle of my house so I figured I wouldn't get much of a signal, but I wasn't looking for that... I was simply making sure I could get that signal out to the rest of the house.
Well to my surprise, the signal was amazing! All TV's, I was able to grab around 31-32 channels with the Antenna in the closet.

Next step was to now get working on the install of the antenna, outside. Thankfully I already had a Dish Network Sat. that was outside, coax cable already run, and this Dish was not in use.
I simply removed the old dish and mount -- replaced with the new mount / antenna from Mohu.

Back into the house to test. Results were not the best. The picture was slightly laggy (Choppy) and signal was dropping from good to bad, back to good and then back to bad. After moving the antenna around a bit and re-testing, the interference dropped a bit and the signal was a little more stable, but it still wasn't as it should be.
**NOTE** -- It was very windy that day and I am surrounded by big trees and two large homes, neighbors. I'm positive in that, if my mounting would have been higher I would have NO issues. I guess my own personal issue is, my roof has some pretty intense peaks that I was not about to climb!

Into the attic:
Once into the attic, I re-ran cabling from the attic to the crawl space and then back up into the back side of my panel. Hooked the cable into the panel and MAGIC! My mounting in the picture is temporary, I plan on mounting to one of the beams.

I was able to net 42 digital channels, to all TV's in house!!

All in all, I cannot say enough about how easy it was to get this setup and working. As for size, the unit is small and could literally be installed into almost any space / situation. Amazing signal strength and the picture is simply superb. Pure HD. Loving it.
Excellent whole house antenna -
Review by
After 40 years of living on cable, we are turning it off. The Sky Antenna cost more than I expected, but some coworkers spoke well of the Leaf for running one TV, and I wanted one antenna that could run all three TVs in our house. The Sky delivers an amazing signal, at least as good as HD cable and maybe better. We live outside the city in a hilly area with lots of tall trees. The Sky arrived quickly and I tried a temporary hookup just to be sure it worked ok. The temporary location in our below-grade crawlspace actually worked well, and I almost just left it there. But we installed on the side of the house (which was very easy) and picked up a few more channels. I highly recommend the Sky.
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What is the range of the Sky?
The Sky is recommended for use within 60+ miles (UHF) and 45+ miles (VHF) of transmission towers. If you are unsure of your distance from the towers or are curious as to what channels transmit in UHF and VHF at your location, please contact us for a signal strength reading.
What are my mounting options?
The Sky is designed to be mounted in either your attic or on the outside of your house, preferably on the roof. Most users will receive the best signal the higher they mount the antenna. We recommend using the supplied mounting bracket for optimized performance. We do not recommend mounting against a wall or placing it horizontally. It was designed to stand vertically.
Can the Sky be used if I have aluminum siding or a metal roof?
As long as the Sky is mounted outside, away from the siding or above the metal roof, it will work. It is possible, however, that signal blockage or scattering from the metal roof may occur.
What is the maximum cable length I can use before the signal starts to degrade?
Additional cable length would depend on how close you are to the maximum mileage threshold in relation to the transmitters in your area. It will matter less if you are closer to the towers. Please contact us for a signal strength reading to determine what you can expect.
Is the Sky weather resistant?
Yes. The Sky antenna is water and lightning resistant.
Can I distribute the signal to more than one TV?
Yes. By using a RF splitter (not included), the signal can distribute to two televisions. If you distribute to multiple televisions, an amplified splitter (distribution amp) is recommended. When using any splitter, please note that the pigtail would plug into the splitter input instead of the television.
Can I use the Sky with my existing antenna, cable, or satellite system?
If you have an existing over-the-air (OTA) antenna system, the Sky can replace it. However, the Sky power injector will need to be placed ahead of any power splitters in your existing antenna system. If you already have coax for a cable or satellite system, the Sky may be able to use that coax. The Sky power injector must be placed ahead of any power splitters or amplifiers in the system and the splitter must be capable of passing OTA TV signals (54-800 MHz). The Sky cannot be used at the same time as your cable or satellite system.
What is the product warranty on the Sky?
Our warranty is one year for all products. Please see our Warranty/Returns tab for further details.
TIP: If you are unsure if the Sky will work at your location, we suggest connecting it to a TV on the highest floor of your home before mounting it permanently to see the minimum amount of channels you will receive. When mounting it permanently, place the Sky as high as you can. The Sky usually works optimally outside, results may vary.

How do I run a channel scan to get my Leaf to pick up signals?
The "channel scan" option is located in your TV menu and is accessed by pressing the "menu" button on your TV remote. The channel scan option may be listed as: auto program, channel search,channel setup or autoscan. Also, please make sure that your TV is set to "Air" and not "Cable". Please run your channel scan after each location change to instruct your television to re-draw the signals through your Leaf®.
What is the best placement option for my Leaf?
The best location for the Leaf will vary by location. A wall placement will work for most locations, however placing the Leaf in or around a window can allow for less signal obstruction. Do not hang the Leaf on or near any large metallic objects as metal reflects the signal.
How do I connect the Leaf Antenna to a digital converter box?
Plug the antenna into the "ANT IN" port on the back of the converter box. Run an extra coaxial cable from the "ANT OUT" connector to the coax port on the back of your TV and scan for stations within your digital converter box's menu screen (some converter boxes will scan for stations automatically). Once the scan is complete, you will change the stations using your digital converter box's remote.
How do I connect my Leaf Antenna to my DVR?
Make sure your DVR has a coaxial cable hook-up and a digital tuner. Find and select the option within the DVR menu to scan for stations (often called "antenna scan").
I used to receive a particular station that is no longer coming in clearly. What gives?
There can be many factors that affect signal strength. Factors such as topography, changes in weather patterns or vegetation can all have a strong effect on signal strength. It's important to run the channel scan whenever you notice any undesirable changes in the TV signal.
How do I mount the Leaf Antenna on the wall?
The Leaf® Antenna is shipped to you with two adhesive hook and loop pads which can be used to mount the Leaf. Alternatively you can mount the Leaf using push pins through the outer edge of the plastic laminate or simply use tape to mount it on the wall. To optimize performance, temporarily tape the Leaf to the wall in several different locations (performing a channel scan for each location) to determine where signal strengths are the highest.
How do I connect a Leaf and a cable box at the same time?
You can use an A/B coax switch to hook both up to your television. You will have to manually switch between the two inputs depending on which you would like to use.

What makes Mohu antennas special?
Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific, a team of engineers who have years of experience developing military grade antennas for the Navy. Our engineers have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in antenna design. Mohu's antennas are an outgrowth of a hidden, "low profile" antenna built into the mudflap of armored vehicles.
Is this legal?
Yes, free television broadcast has been around for over 60 years without interruption. The signal went from analog to digital in 2009, allowing over the air broadcast in full 1080 HD. The signal is broadcast from the towers and received by an antenna. This has been free and legal since the 1940s.
Cord-Cutter? Cord-Shaver? Cord-Never? What does this mean?
A cord-cutter is someone who no longer wishes to pay monthly cable or satellite bills and instead opts to use an antenna to receive over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast television. A cord-cutter may also use a streaming device such as Roku or Boxee to compliment their antenna for more viewing options. A cord-shaver is someone who wishes to keep cable or satellite on one television but uses an antenna on their secondary televisions, cutting their monthly bill by eliminating extra converter boxes. A cord-never is a younger person who never had a cable or satellite subscription in the first place.
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