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Works great! Simple, elegant design for external use. -
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I live about 30 miles from the nearest towers and 55 miles from the next closest major city. I installed this on my roof and was able to pull in all channels from both cities (they are in opposite directions). It seems to pull the more distant signals better on cloudy days. The only issue I am having periodically is that running the microwave can interfere with the signal on some channels. I've yet to try moving the amplifier to a different circuit, but I'm guessing that will resolve the problem. Great installation manual. Can't wait for my MoHu Channels to ship!
Compact and best of any outdoor antenna -
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I bought the leaf but didn't get nbc or abc, the two channels I wanted, turns out they are both VHF channels and the VHF range on the leaf is weak at best, so I traded in the leaf for the Sky and immediately received nbc abc pbs cbs oeta cow fox and ion. I strongly recommend outdoor over attic due to signal loss of being indoors the high price is worth it for sure
Awesome Buy! -
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I was barely able to get 5 channels with a indoor amplified antenna's I bought at local stores. I got the leaf and picked up 22 channels. I purchased the Sky HDTV indoor/outdoor antenna and set it up in my bedroom. I haven't even mounted it in the attic yet!
the best antenna out there -
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This antenna outperforms all others that I have used. I get a steady picture in a room that has had poor reception every since I have lived there - 40+ yrs. Antenna is in the attic and I get great reception. I will highly recommend this company and the SkyHDTV to all my friends.
Excellence Prevails -
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Recieved antenna with very fast shipping. Antenna packaging is excellent. The directions are written in easy to understand text, obviously by someone who tried it after writting it. Even the individual bags of screws are identified with an alpha character inside each bag to reference back to the installation instructions. A lot of thought has gone into this product and quality is obvious by the packaging, instructions, and the quality of the product itself. I was pleased to see the results as I now get around 60 channels of free TV. Most of the channels are ones that I would never use.The reception is about 98% as good as my cable recpetion. I highly recomend this antenna.
Good, Better, Best -
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I bought the Sky Antenna to us with our travel trailer. We don't intend to mount the mast. Rather, we just set the antenna on the picnic table at our campsite. We pulled in about 8 channels, and that was in rural N. C. Albeit, we were on the coast, and so I can't vouch for reception when there are mountains involved. I rate the antenna GOOD.
BETTER is my rating for tech support. John was more than helpful when we called with a problem that we had created: we got the amplifier wet. John was kind and gave us tips to get around the problem. Plus, Mohu is sending us a replacement amp.
BEST is my rating for overall customer service. I made complaint about the turn around for two-day delivery. Mohu is a small company, and --unlike Amazon--doesn't have 24/7 staff and delivery pickup by UPS. I've gotten used to nearly instant gratification from big companies on delivery of goods. Mohu's antenna was worth the wait.
The sky HDTV antenna -
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We just installed the sky HDTV and it works great. We live right up against hi tension wires and it has not effected it. We get 49 HD channels. I am so glad to get rid of my cable carrier.
Awesome Picture -
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I live in what they call a "deep fringe" area that is 35 miles from the nearest tower and 50+ from most.

I have the sky mounted to a 1" piece of conduit 10' long, strapped to the chimney of a two story house, running off a 100' quad shield coax wire to the basement.
From there it hooks up to the booster that came with the antenna then into a powered splitter, that runs to 6 TV's in the house. Actually only 3 TV's but 6 Lines (some of those lines are 100' each).
All can run independent channels in 1080 HD and all are crystal clear picture.

However like my wife said. You dont have 34 channels. We have 6 channels, each repeated 5 times! Somewhat true as I get CBS for example out of 5 different cities. But depending on the time slot, they are not always the same program.

I am very happy with it and I like the fact that it is so small and light weight that it is easy to install. No guide lines, no hassle.
Cancelling the cable today!
We are saving tons of money. Thanks Mohu! -
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I cut the cord on satellite in March, 2013, just before this antenna became available. From March until now, I've been using the Mohu Leaf Ultimate. It was the best of several indoor antennas I tested. However, the local ABC affiliate (and sub-channels) and the local ION affiliate (and sub-channels) were simply too far away and too many topographical barriers to be consistently available via an indoor antenna (or in the case of the ION channels, at all). After installing the Mohu Sky in my attic, I picked up both of the local ABC affiliate and sub-channel signals and the ION and sub-channel signals easily, adding 11 more signals which we can consistently receive. In addition, I have on occasion picked up a couple of low power signals in our area and, when atmospheric conditions are right, signals from cities well beyond the normal 70 miles range.

In all, we now consistently receive 35 channels, representing 23 unique channels of video content and 2 unique channels of audio content (we live in a mountainous region with affiliates broadcasting on multiple channels from different tower locations). We now can consistently get over-the-air reception from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, PBS, World, Create, Bounce, MeTV, This TV, My Network TV, ION, ION Life, Untamed Sports, Qubo, Smile of a Child, ZUUS Country, TNN, TBN, the Church Channel, JCTV, Enlace, QVC, Shop, two local weather channels and two local radio channels. Occasionally we also receive the local low power signals from the Daystar and HSN affiliates.

When combined with a Roku, an Apple TV, a PC running PlayOn (which streams to the Rokus) and Windows Media Center (through which we record over-the-air broadcasts for later viewing via PlayOn and the Rokus and our i-devices), we have a robust replacement for cable, including access to a ton of sports via over-the-air broadcasts, MLB.TV and ESPN3.

We are saving tons of money. Thanks Mohu!
Goodbye cable -
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I`ve cut the cord, i`m 32 mi. from the towers in Cleveland, picked up 40 plus channels,i do have one streaming service. So for the price of 3 months cable i`m payed up for the year, very happy.
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