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Jolt® Digital TV Antenna Amplifier (Open Box)

Jolt® Digital TV Antenna Amplifier (Open Box)

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Quick Overview

  • Same warranty policy as new antenna!
  • Improves any passive antenna. *
  • One of a kind RF filtering with Mohu CleanPeak™ filter technology
  • Receive more channels
  • Decrease pixelation on unstable channels
  • Like no other amplifier on the market
  • Can replace existing amplifiers
  • USB and power cube powering options
  • Soft touch exterior
  • From the makers of the Mohu Leaf, the most popular and innovative indoor antenna on the market

* Not for use with Leaf Ultimate or amplified antennas


Now is your chance to own a Mohu Jolt for $19.99 shipped! These Jolt antenna amplifiers have minor, cosmetic blemishes and have passed the same rigorous testing as our new models. Defects are cosmetic, minor, and can include light scratching. Limited quantities, so act fast and order yours today!

Better Performance
The Mohu Jolt is a revolutionary digital antenna amplifier with a low noise figure and one-of-a-kind RF filtering. What exactly does this mean in terms of performance? It means that the Jolt is specially designed to amplify TV stations and filter out any RF signals that can hinder picture quality. The result? A top-performing TV antenna amplifier that allows you to pull in a clearer picture, more stations and an increase in performance overall.

Do you ever find that your Leaf needs a boost? Look no further than the Mohu Jolt! USB powering option, unlike other amplifiers. The Jolt is powered via a USB port located on the amplifier, which allows you to power the antenna amplifier using an open USB port on the back of your TV.The advantage of doing so is that the amplifier will only draw power when the TV is turned on, eliminating parasitic power consumption when the amplifier isn’t needed. If you do not have an open USB port on the back of your TV, the Jolt antenna amplifier also includes a power cube that will enable you to power the amplifier using any standard AC wall outlet.

Better design
Aesthetics played a large role in the development of the Mohu Jolt. Much like the creation of the Leaf, the design of the Jolt is a direct response to the majority of TV antenna amplifiers on the market, which are far from visually appealing. Mohu is proud to bring the Jolt to the market, which has a sleek appearance while retaining top-notch functionality and performance.

Product Dimensions: 2 in X 1 in X .5 in
Gain: 15 dB (min)
Frequency Coverage: VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi, UHF TV (for North America)
Power requirements: 5V DC @ 150mA
Noise Figure: <2 dB
Output IP3: 37.5 dBm
Operating Temperature: -40C - +85C (-40F – +185F)
ESD protected
Cord Length: 10.5 in
Connector: 75 ohm F connector

*Continental U.S. only. UPS Standard shipping rates apply to Canada. Brokerage and duty tax fees will apply.

Download the User Manual(English & Spanish)

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