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The Bounce™ from Mohu™ will enhance your home WiFi network by giving you up to 3 times the coverage area. Increase streaming speed and your overall wireless experience with the Bounce™. Simply drop the Bounce™ onto any router with an external antenna and never worry about weak WiFi again!

(For routers with external antennas. (The Bounce™ is intended for 802.11 a/b/g routers. Performance on 802.11n routers not guaranteed.)

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Get 3X extra juice for your WiFi with the Mohu Bounce™

(For routers with external antennas. The Bounce™ is intended for 802.11 a/b/g routers. Performance on 802.11n routers not guaranteed.)

It's simple. The Bounce™ from Mohu™ will enhance your home WiFi network by giving you up to 3 times the coverage area. Increase streaming speed and your overall wireless experience with the Bounce™. Simply drop the Bounce onto any router with an external antenna and never worry about weak WiFi again!

Conventional WiFi repeaters "relay" WiFi signals, cutting your streaming speed in half. Wireless boosters and WiFi amplifiers do not direct the power where you need it - they simply amplify the original donut-shaped pattern - often times into the areas that you do not need it.

The Bounce™ is different. The Bounce™ WiFi extender allows you to boost your WiFi signal by re-directing the power of the router signal. You can even point the Bounce™ in the direction you would like your now stronger WiFi signal to cover! Shoot it towards the backyard or the deck or to those spots in your home where your WiFi is weakest.

Note: The Bounce™ ONLY works with WiFi routers with external antennas. It is optimized for A/B/G signals.

"I got home and tried it right away. It definitely boosted the signal strength in the direction I wanted it to. My house is 3000 sq ft, basically a big rectangle with the wifi router at one end in our office. My daughters room is the furthest away, upstairs at the other end and she always had a weak signal. It boosted the strength and she was able to Skype with no "jumpiness" in the video/audio. Thanks again!" -- Mike D.

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Bounce™ Compatibility Chart

Customer Reviews

Excellent -
Review by
I had the same problem as the reviewer above with my IP camera. It has been an iffy connection at best. I put on the Mohu and have a sizzling connection now. Great little solution.
Nice little product if you have an old router -
Review by
I really am pleased with the Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer! I will be the first person to admit that I am not the most technologically advanced person so I was a bit worried about setting it up properly, but it was SO easy! You literally just pop it out of the box and slip it on your antennae. The BOUNCE has enabled me to be on my laptop out in the back, wooded area of our complex while letting our dog run around outside. It has also helped with our Netflix connection performing much faster than usual! Definitely a great product at a good price!
Simple Yet Efficient -
Review by
This product is not high tech, does not take lots of time to figure out, no messing around with complicated electronics, was easy to install, and yet efficient. Thanks :)
Great stuff!! -
Review by
I have difficulty with my internet access in my home. Installed the Mohu Bounce this morning and had IMMEDIATE results! This is awesome!
My IP Camera is back! -
Review by
Our house has steel structural beams, in addition to the wood studs, etc. This can play the devil with wireless --- especially when you need a device to be in an exact position (a camera, say) and the router just doesn't want to see it regularly.

I've been using two Wansview IP cameras for awhile, and generally --- for the price --- they are great. But one camera has always been an intermittent problem.

I tried a db gain antenna on the camera --- zilch. I tried this directional antenna on the router, and saw a little overall improvement in that direction.

Then I slipped this thing onto the camera antenna and pointed it at the router. No more problem.

If it's a coincidence, I'll take it. I'm not going up and down and up and down that ladder any more ... and the camera works perfectly now, where it did not before.
Review by
Had signal loss all the time at the marina where I keep my boat. I was able to install the bounce on the antenna and now I can watch Netflix. Before the bounce was installed I could not keep the signal.
Excellent Product for my situation!
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How do I run a channel scan to get my Leaf to pick up signals?
The "channel scan" option is located in your TV menu and is accessed by pressing the "menu" button on your TV remote. The channel scan option may be listed as: auto program, channel search,channel setup or autoscan. Also, please make sure that your TV is set to "Air" and not "Cable". Please run your channel scan after each location change to instruct your television to re-draw the signals through your Leaf®.
What is the best placement option for my Leaf?
The best location for the Leaf will vary by location. A wall placement will work for most locations, however placing the Leaf in or around a window can allow for less signal obstruction. Do not hang the Leaf on or near any large metallic objects as metal reflects the signal.
How do I connect the Leaf Antenna to a digital converter box?
Plug the antenna into the "ANT IN" port on the back of the converter box. Run an extra coaxial cable from the "ANT OUT" connector to the coax port on the back of your TV and scan for stations within your digital converter box's menu screen (some converter boxes will scan for stations automatically). Once the scan is complete, you will change the stations using your digital converter box's remote.
How do I connect my Leaf Antenna to my DVR?
Make sure your DVR has a coaxial cable hook-up and a digital tuner. Find and select the option within the DVR menu to scan for stations (often called "antenna scan").
I used to receive a particular station that is no longer coming in clearly. What gives?
There can be many factors that affect signal strength. Factors such as topography, changes in weather patterns or vegetation can all have a strong effect on signal strength. It's important to run the channel scan whenever you notice any undesirable changes in the TV signal.
How do I mount the Leaf Antenna on the wall?
The Leaf® Antenna is shipped to you with two adhesive hook and loop pads which can be used to mount the Leaf. Alternatively you can mount the Leaf using push pins through the outer edge of the plastic laminate or simply use tape to mount it on the wall. To optimize performance, temporarily tape the Leaf to the wall in several different locations (performing a channel scan for each location) to determine where signal strengths are the highest.
How do I connect a Leaf and a cable box at the same time?
You can use an A/B coax switch to hook both up to your television. You will have to manually switch between the two inputs depending on which you would like to use.

What makes Mohu antennas special?
Mohu is a division of Greenwave Scientific, a team of engineers who have years of experience developing military grade antennas for the Navy. Our engineers have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in antenna design. Mohu's antennas are an outgrowth of a hidden, "low profile" antenna built into the mudflap of armored vehicles.
Is this legal?
Yes, free television broadcast has been around for over 60 years without interruption. The signal went from analog to digital in 2009, allowing over the air broadcast in full 1080 HD. The signal is broadcast from the towers and received by an antenna. This has been free and legal since the 1940s.
Cord-Cutter? Cord-Shaver? Cord-Never? What does this mean?
A cord-cutter is someone who no longer wishes to pay monthly cable or satellite bills and instead opts to use an antenna to receive over-the-air (OTA) free broadcast television. A cord-cutter may also use a streaming device such as Roku or Boxee to compliment their antenna for more viewing options. A cord-shaver is someone who wishes to keep cable or satellite on one television but uses an antenna on their secondary televisions, cutting their monthly bill by eliminating extra converter boxes. A cord-never is a younger person who never had a cable or satellite subscription in the first place.
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